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Thanks for visiting our website and for your interest in Scentsy, Inc Products and Brands and in Us! We want to share with you the success weve had with Scentsy and how changed our lives forever.

Shawn, Wendy, Alex and Sam Robinson

Shawn, Wendy, Alex and Sam Robinson

I’m long winded but…if you make it through our story I guarantee you’ll be glad you did. We wrote our story for YOU to share why we love the Scentsy Family so much.

We live in the United States just north of Seattle, Washington in a little coastal town on the Puget Sound called Mukilteo. Shawn and I have 2 great kids, Alex & Sam, along with 5 cats and a dog!

Life wasn’t so good a few years ago…

I had a Legal Recruiting business that I had to shut down, after 7yrs, due to the economy. Shawn has always worked but my business was really the main source of our family’s income over the years. We were financially devastated and lost our savings and went deep into debt. We were in serious trouble.

In December 2008 I was PTA President of our kids’ Elementary School and ran a Holiday Store. That year I brought in Vendors to help make extra money for our PTA. Shawn was supposed to watch the kids and help them shop for Christmas presents while I ran the event. Well, every time I looked up I saw him at the Scentsy booth. Other than booking the Scentsy Vendor, Katie, for this event, I’d never heard of it.

Shawn was in love with the product, concept, online sales and team building opportunity it offered. He and Katie also hit it off…it was a ‘love’ fest! The problem was that we didn’t even have money to pay the light bill so how were we going to pay to start our business for $99. We told Katie that we would Join Scentsy after the first of the year but, she beat us to the punch. Back in those days we were still allowed to pay for another consultant to join…which is what Katie did. We cannot do this anymore as it’s against policy now! Katie believed in Shawn and felt that this was something she just had to do.

December 18th 2008 we became part of the Scentsy Family as – Scentsy Fragrance Consultants – or rather…Shawn did. I was working on another Direct Sales business and knew that he wanted this to be his baby so, I only helped him on the back end organizing and entering orders and…having parties for him since he worked weekends. His whole goal was to make Scentsy and internet business and build websites and market online organically to grow a team. He’d always wanted to build an online store and this was his chance.

We had one big problem though: our heat and cable were turned off because we couldn’t pay the bills. How do you build an online business without internet? We had creditors calling us every day – all day long. We had two options – quit before we even got started or, get creative and fix our situation. So, we decided to head to the library daily to use their free internet and because it was warm there. We told our kids too that the heater broke and the part had to come from Europe…thank goodness they were too young to question us. For over a month I had to heat up our water for baths on the stove…it sucked but, we did what we had to do. FYI – Woks heat up faster than pots!

Shawn was working furiously to build a website, blog, and everything else that you needed to do to build an online presence for yourself – while still working full time at his job. We were so emotional and exhausted by the stress of it all. One day Shawn would be depressed by our situation and I would be the one to perk him up. The next day it might be me who was upset and he was there to lift me up. We could’ve completely imploded on one another during this horribly stressful time…but we sucked it up and kept working on our businesses and with each other…making us stronger!

A few months later, things started picking up with Shawn’s work and on his Scentsy business while my other business just wasn’t something I was enjoying and honestly…I was still mourning the loss of my Recruiting business and felt like a failure. Scentsy was growing rapidly and we were really starting to see the fruits of his labor.

On October 14th, 2009 Shawn came to me and asked me to run and grow our Scentsy business. He’d become overwhelmed with working his 40hr a week job and trying to keep track of and train 56 people in our team. Although I loved Scentsy products and used them all the time, I’d worked in corporate jobs my entire career. Would working our Scentsy business of wax and warmers be enough for me? I wasn’t sure but I knew that I had to help.

Shawn saved me and our family that day, in more ways than one. I not only fell more in love with Scentsy, the product and company, but loved working with a downline, training and our team and growing our business exponentially. I also found my passion for Recruiting again…something I thought I’d never get back! From October to December (before Christmas) we had grown another 33 consultants! Shawn gave me a new career and, with his vision, we’re building our dream of a debt free future!

Christmas (2010) was one of the best we’ve had in 10yrs. Both our kids’ birthdays are in December and that year we weren’t worried about being able to get them gifts or have a party. We’ve also been able to help out my parents and others in ways we didn’t think possible!

I can tell you of the wonderful (all expense paid) vacations we’ve earned to Hawaii, Disney World for our entire family, Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and we just returned from our favorite trip so far – New York City! All the prizes we’ve won for contests, the bonus money and awards we’ve earned – they’re really just the icing on the cake though. To be able to pay our bills (keep the heat on), pay the collectors and not receive the 20 calls a day anymore has relieved so much stress from our lives. I don’t have to stand in line at the food bank any longer nor worry about what I’d be able to put in my kids’ lunch boxes…

When we first Joined Scentsy – we were really only concerned with making money and getting our bills paid but now, the best part of the business for us has been seeing the wonderful consultants in our downline achieve their goals and success. We have consultants from all walks of life in the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Germany, the UK, Ireland, Mexico and Australia on our Team.

Hearing the members of our Team cry from excitement over an accomplishment, award, Bonus, trip earned and over their financial rewards – has been priceless. Hearing about how they are able to change their lives, go on their first trip out of the country, care for their families and themselves has been a true gift.

As of June 1st, 2012 – Shawn Retired from his job at 42yrs old. He is now a full-time Work-at-Home Dad and we spend all day together! He quit his job of 15yrs and we are so excited to see what the future has in store for our business and our Family. Can you believe how much our lives have changed in just a few years? Crazy right? We’ve worked hard to get to this point and trust me…this is just the beginning for us. Great things are just around the corner. We reached the Top Position and Title you can reach in the Scentsy Family – SuperStar Directors as of September 2012.

Shawn and I work as partners. We each work the parts of our Scentsy Family business that we are best at and also enjoy the most. There’s nothing better than being about to hang out with my best friend and partner every day and…our kids are loving it too!

Thank you for reading about us. Contact us if you’d like more information about Joining our Grace Adele, Scentsy Fragrance or Velata Team. We have a great Team Site we’ve put together to help train you in addition to our being available 7 days a week via phone and email whenever you need us. We offer conference calls and webinars for our team as well as a Team Site, Facebook Group, individualized training and assistance and more! We offer as much, or as little, training you’d like…it’s all very individualized. This is YOUR BUSINESS – we’re just here to help you meet whatever goals you set for yourself.

If you’d like to purchase any Scentsy Fragrance or other products from us we guarantee that you’ll always receive excellent customer service and…we always have Special Monthly Offers and Specials for our customers!

Please feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have about Grace Adele, Velata, Scentsy – or Us! We’d love to hear from you.


Shawn & Wendy Robinson
Independent Scentsy SuperStar Directors
(425) 442-0909

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