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What Party Plan Company is right for you?

Choosing the best Party Plan Company to JOIN can be tricky. There are so many options right now – too many to even count really. We believe there are 4 keys to choosing the right Direct Sales Party Plan Company for each of us:

  1. Are you excited about and even LOVE the products represented?
  2. Does this company have the Values, Ethics and even Staying power to help you build a long lasting business?
  3. Would you personally use these products as well as having no problem ‘sharing’ your love of them with others?
  4. Have you found a Sponsor?  Finding the right consultant to Join under is almost as critical as choosing the right Party Plan Company!

Think long and hard, research companies, interview potential Sponsors before you Join their team.  Know what you want, and don’t want, from a business.  Just because you join, even if you’ve done a ton of research, doesn’t mean that you will be successful.  Hard work and persistence is required in any business you choose. When you think of yourself as an Entrepreneur and Business Owner, you will find more success.

Our Party Plan Company choice:

I was in another Direct Sales company before Shawn Joined Scentsy.  I was really good at selling the product but stunk at recruiting.  It was a good product but nothing I was passionate about or even something I really wanted to sell.  I’m not saying that this other company had an inferior product but, it just wasn’t right for me.  That was very telling for me.

For us, Scentsy has been the best Party Plan Company to Join!  Not only have we always loved candles and fragrances…but we love the idea of safe candles, the flexibility of marketing and recruiting avenues (fairs, shows, online, home and basket parties, etc) that we took a chance.  We love the product and company more now than when we joined which is why I think we are also so successful.

3 1/2 years later (and lots of time and dedication) and we (both Shawn and I) are now full-time Stay at Home parents.  We don’t have Jobs any longer nor do we answer to anyone but each other – and the kids schedules of course.

Scentsy was the right Direct Sales Opportunity for us.  It could be right for you too.  Check us out and see for yourself.  Find out more about Joining Scentsy today!

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