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Yes and No. This is a question we get a lot both from Customers and Consultants.

From Customers

You want to know if there is somewhere local that has a large Scentsy Product inventory like there is at a Walmart, the Grocery Store, Costco or Bed Bath and Beyond. You want that instant gratification right. I get it.

Scentsy is meant to be purchased directly from a Consultant at a Party, Fair or Event, directly one-on-one in person or over the phone and even online via their personal website – Not in a Store.

If you go to Walmart and purchase their Candle Warmers and scents, is there a representative in that aisle who specializes in scents and decor?  When you need more scents, a light bulb burns out, your warmer stops working or you break a top dish… Do you get the specialist to order you a replacement?  With Scentsy, you get a consultant who does all of this for you.  You get great service, follow up, support, appreciation and even some special gifts and free samples when you work with a Consultant.  We can help you save money by recommending combine and save deals, help you with warranty issues and replacement parts.

You are not just paying for a great and solid line of products but also for the service you receive.  You are helping to support a family!

From Consultants

You want to know if you can sell Scentsy Products as kiosks in the Mall or in a store that you can have easy access to for building your business.  This is not how Direct Sales Party Plan businesses work.  If you want to work 9-5, 7 days a week at a set location then get a job.  That’s the truth of what this industry is about…building a business around your life and family – not in a retail location.

Scentsy Product Displays vs Selling in Stores

Sometimes YOU, the customer, may enter a store in your town and see a small display of Scentsy Warmers, Wax scents, layers products, etc. There may be catalogs and order forms or just business cards there for you to take as these displays are meant to advertise our products for a specific consultant who has a relationship with that store owner. Our Corporate policy allows consultants to set up Displays but NOT Inventory to purchase IN the store. You can contact that Consultant to place your order or the Store may have Order Forms for you to fill out there and they can order the products for delivery to your home for you via the consultant.

If you ever see product to purchase on shelves as cash and carry inventory, in any store or mall kiosk, then  you know that someone either doesn’t know that it’s against our Corporate policy to do so or…they are doing it on purpose.

Either way, Scentsy is a Party Plan Direct Sales Company. Scentsy Consultants are supporting their families with their businesses.

If our Owners, Heidi and Orville Thompson, wanted to sell their products in stores – they would do so themselves..  Instead, their goal is to help people like Shawn and I support our family, have more options in our lives and help others to do the same.

Please take a few minutes to understand why we Love this company and why you should only support your Local Consultant and help them directly instead of supporting big business. The Scentsy Story:

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