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#1 Questions we’re asked about Joining Scentsy

Make Money with Scentsy? When most people look at any opportunity – whether it’s finding out a potential salary for a job their interviewing for; investing money; looking at a Direct Selling or MLM business opportunity – the top concern is: How much money can I make?

When my husband joined Scentsy in December 2008 – everyone (seriously, everyone) thought we were crazy to think that selling candle warmers and wax would really get us out of debt and help us both retire and become Stay-at-Home parents much less…make money. Guess what? Shawn quit his job of 15yrs and retired, at age 42, as of June 1st this year. We are no longer hounded by collection agencies or worried about our internet, power and heat being turned off again and – we get to decide what we do each and every day!
Now who’s crazy?  Read our Story

With The Scentsy Family our income potential is now absolutely limitless.  As of today we have 3 Brands (all very different) with more planned to be introduced each year!  Join our Team Today

Ways to Make Money with Scentsy:

Host a Party!
The easiest, and fastest, way to make money with Scentsy is by hosting your own or booking parties with friends, family, co-workers and party guests!  Most Scentsy parties average $400-600 in Sales.  Of course, some can bomb while others can have super high sales.  Let’s say you want to make an extra $500 a month to help pay your bills, car payment, daycare or even your vacation or shopping funds,  you can figure out how many parties it would take (using the company average) to meet your goal.

Example:   If every party you have averages $500 in sales this would earn you $125 in Commissions per party (at 25%, or $100 at 20% until you earn your first promotion).  So, you can figure out that if you make $125 per party you would need to have at least 4 parties a month (4 x $125) which will reach your goal of $500 in Commissions.  The really fun part though is that Scentsy will give you a raise in any month you sell $2000 in product (based on PRV…ask me about this) of an extra 5% so you’d actually make $600 in commissions.  4 $500 parties will get you to the $2000.  That boils down to just 1 party a week!

Recruit your Hostesses and Customers:
You make money – called overrides – on what your recruits (and their teams) sell each month.  At first, it’s not a lot.  You could make just $10 extra with only one downline member but, over time, you will start earning more and more as your team grows and sells. This is the true key to building wealth. Of course there are requirements to earn this bonus income – ask me!

I posted a lot of other great tips on how to make money with Scentsy and some thought provoking ideas on how to pick the right business opportunity, sponsor, how to make back your initial investment and how to make money with Scentsy.  I suggest checking out this post as well.

Money isn’t everything!

Of course we make money with Scentsy – but, that’s not the best part of being with this fantastic company. When you make money it’s true that life does get easier.  It’s about the people!  While making our financial future brighter our real joy now is to help make other people’s goals and dreams become a reality.  We love helping our team earn trips – some of them their first ever out of the country and even one couples very late honeymoon; helping a social worker earn enough money to pay for medical bills, tires and a new computer when her job salary wasn’t able to cut it; seeing someone gain enough confidence to talk to a stranger after years of being too shy to even imagine doing it; and…being able to give back has been so rewarding to us!

I want to share my two favorite quotes with you – both from J. Paul Getty – an American Oil Tycoon, Entrepreneur and is listed as the 67th richest person who ever lived.

“The #1 guideline to success is you must be in business for yourself. When you work for someone else, you sell your time at wholesale to your employer, who then re-sells it at retail to the customer.”


“I’d rather have 1% of the effort of 100 men than 100% of my own effort.”

We’d Love to have you on our team.  We devote the majority of our time to training and mentoring our Team and Downline.  If you are ready to not only make money with one of the Scentsy Family Brands but also help others reach their personal goals and give great customer service…then JOIN OUR TEAM!

We have a lot of information and knowledge to share and are here to help you get started – today.  Contact Us for more info on becoming a Scentsy Consultant.

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