August is Scentsy Month. Get a Super Sized Starter Kit

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Get 50% more Party Testers for FREE! [caption id="attachment_7556" align="aligncenter" width="734"] Join August 2014 Super Sized Starter Kit[/caption] Have you been WAITING to Join Scentsy? There's no better time to JUMP in and start your own Scentsy Business than in August. Here are some great reasons to Join Scentsy Now: Fall / Winter Products and Sales and Sales Season.  Truly, there is no better or easier time to build a successful business.  We generally double our business from August - December and more people are looking for Scentsy Consultants to Host Parties, Buy from locally, Join Under, Come to Events and Bazaars and even run Fundraisers.  The opportunities are endless. Earn a FREE All-Inclusive Trip!  Um, how awesome would this be?  From August 1st - January 31st Scentsy gives everyone…
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Earn Bonuses and Trips with Scentsy and Change Your Life

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I think that earning 6 All-Inclusive Trips and 7 Bonuses - 4 for Mentoring and 3 for Sales - is AWESOME! Do you know what's even more awesome than US earning these things? Helping members of our Team EARN these awards and trips!  Seriously.  Starting today 31 Team Members and their Travel partners are going on All-Expense paid trips to Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.  Yesterday, all Consultants who earned Annual Sales and Mentoring Awards were paid Bonuses directly deposited in their Pay Portals. Shawn and I want to help more people earn trips and bonuses next year and change their lives and financial futures!  Do YOU want to want to Change your life? Okay, earning a trip might not change your life right away but I'll share with you…
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Scentsy Canada Candle Warmer True North

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June 2014 Scentsy Canada Warmer of the Month featuring symbols that represent the diversity and beauty of Canadian nature and culture, celebrate your love of country with a True North Gallery Frame on a Gallery Cube Warmer in Ebony. True North Gallery Frame not available separately.   Présentant des symboles qui représentent la diversité et la beauté de la nature et la culture canadienne, célébrez l’amour pour votre pays avec le Cadre Gallery True North sur un Réchaud Gallery Cube en Ebony (ébène). Le Cadre Gallery True North n’est pas disponible séparément.  
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Scentsy Canada Catalog Available Now!

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We are so excited to welcome Canada to Scentsy. I have spoken with several people from Canada that are ready to become Scentsy Consultants. What a great opportunity! Remember when Scentsy opened in Puerto Rico? Scentsy is going to be huge in Canada. All Canadian Citizens in Vancouver B.C., Ontario and Alberta can now purchase Scentsy or Join as a Scentsy Consultant The New Fall / Winter Catalog is out for Canada. Request your Scentsy Catalog today!
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Scentsy Canada – Join Scentsy in Canada 9/1/09

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Scentsy Candles has just announced that starting Sept 1st 2009, Canada Joins Scentsy. Become a Scentsy Consultant in Canada.  Up until now Scensty has not been able to ship any of there amazing Candle Warmers to Canada, nor has anyone been able to join and become a consultant.  Well thats about to change!  Now Canada can Join Scentsy. Contact me and Pre-Register to Join Scentsy Canada Residents of  Vancouver B.C., Ontario and Alberta Canada are all able to join! This is an amazing opportunity for you to become one of the first consultants in Canada!  Scentsy offers a truly amazing work from home opportunity. Starting your own business, as an Independent Scentsy Consultant, offers income and time flexibility without interfering with your current job, your family, or your already- busy…
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