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Do you know how to clean your Scentsy Dishes out?

These are my Gross, caked on Wax Scentsy dishes.  I know.  I’m a Scentsy Consultant who should have the best looking Warmer Dishes around right? Well, I think that I use our warmers so much that sometimes I just do

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Scentsy Deals and Discounts – Don’t Run out of your Favorite Products

Combine & Save Discounts

Who doesn’t want a deal, discounts or sale? Why Pay Full Price when you could be getting Discounts and Deals? I’m always looking for ways to stock up on my favorite products and save a buck at the same time. 

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Scentsy Counter Clean Spray is The Bomb Dot Com!

Scentsy Counter Clean Spray for your oven

Okay, I’m going to show you the inside of our Oven door.  It was super nasty.  I’m a bit embarrassed to share it here if I’m honest but we don’t have that ‘auto clean’ lock thing on our oven so I have

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Are Scentsy Fragrances Toxic?

This is a super interesting topic for me.  The word ‘Toxic” means “Containing a Toxic Substance” but really, that’s pretty vague isn’t it?  What does TOXIC Mean to YOU?  Perhaps you only use Vegan products and non-vegan products are considered

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Scentsy Kitchen Soap Put to The Test

Change the way you do your dishes forever!  Our Scented Kitchen Soap has biodegradable enzymes that quickly dissolve dirt, grease and food particles while giving you a special ‘scent experience’ that only Scentsy can.  What’s better than using a soap

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Introducing New Scentsy Products for Fall Winter 2015

Brand new Scentsy products are coming to the 2015 Fall Winter Catalog. We are so excited to unveil them here FIRST! From our new Scentsy Essential Oil Diffuser fragrance delivery system to the ultra high end luxury body care for

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