Scentsy’s NEW July Campus Collection Additions

NCAA Candle Warmers, Sports
Okay, It's here everyone...the day you've all been waiting for. Ta Da! Your favorite college teams are getting ready for another great season! It’s time to start working up that campus confidence! Let’s hear it for the latest additions to Scentsy’s Campus Collection: Cincinnati, Georgia, Texas Tech, and Wisconsin. Support your team and refresh your home – or locker room! Do you know someone who'd starting School in the fall? Are they going to live on Campus in one of those tiny Dorm Rooms? Get them a Scentsy Warmer with their School's Logo and not only will everyone in school be envious...but their room will always smell great too! Each warmer features a glossy finish and team logo. Scentsy’s Campus Collection warmers are the perfect way to show your team…
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Scentsy College Warmers – Support your College Team with Scentsy

Football Helmets, Scentsy, Sports
Show your College Spirit! Browse Scentsy College Warmers Online. No Update yet Notre Dame Fans. Hopefully We will Have the Notre Dame Scentsy Warmer soon. Which warmer are we missing?  Let us know in your comments below and enter your college name if you do not see it. [products ids="ID: 11818, 11654, 10771, 10707, 10705, 10699, 10697, 11818, 10683, 10682, 10643"] College Nightlight Warmers [products ids="ID: 10669, 10670, 10671, 10689, 10690, 10691, 10692, 10698, 10700, 10706, 10708, 11655, 10668, 10663, 10662, 10642, 10641, 10632, 10560, 10553, 10551, 10506, 10118, 10102"] NEW!  Update for all of you Iowa Hawkeyes Fans...Available NOW More Scentsy College Warmers are coming January 2010. Support your alma mater with a Scentsy College Candle Warmer. That’s right. You’re the ultimate college fan. You watch every game, know all…
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