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Do you remember the Oriflame Saleperson. Or how about the Avon Lady? Do you always think? If I could have gotten in early on one of these Direct Selling Opportunities I could be retired by now. Well that opportunity has come again. Scentsy Candles. The Amazing Home Candle Business from the US has come to Across the pond to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Dont let another amazing Direct Selling Opportunity pass you by. Join Scentsy in the United Kingdom.

Direct Selling is an excellent way to start a full or part time business of your own or, just supplement your income. There are so many unique opportunities in the UK. It’s a method of selling goods directly to the consumer and is the UK’s largest provider of part time earnings. You can build your business in many ways. Are you a people person? Face to face works best. Have a home party or display at shows, fairs and exhibits. Are you a stay at home mom? Learn how to market online via Social Media or building a website. There are so many ways to build a business or ear extra money.

There are lots of reputable companies like Scentsy that you can work for. that supply the products and you do your own sales and marketing plan and you keep a % of whatever you sell.

If you are incredibly dedicated and put in a lot of work you can earn quite decent money with Scentsy. Just read our story and how Scentsy Saved our Lives! Join Scentsy the best Direct Selling Opportunity in the U.K.!

To learn more about us you can read our entire Story Here.

Shawn & Wendy Robinson
Scentsy Independent Directors

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