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Scentsy has just brought back 20 Discontinued Scents for the month of January. They are only available in Candle Bar sizes and won’t be available to purchase after January 31st. Each bar is only $5 and they are available in Multi-Packs or get ALL 20 Scents for just $100 with our Sampler Pack, BNDL-BBMB

My Opinion on our Limited Time Returning Candle Bars. (Remember, opinions are subjective):


AmarettoAn almond-scented fragrance sweetened with honey and spice. I think this scent is way to sweet and strong for my personal tastes but does smell just like Amaretto!

Berries & BubblySweet strawberry aroma with champagne. I’ve sniffed and sniffed this one and I just don’t smell anything. Weird!

BubblegumThe true scent of baseball-card bubblegum—sugar and cotton candy with a hint of mint. I Love this Scent! It totally reminds me of Big League Chew gum from when I was a kid…or even Bazooka Gum. Your kids will love it too!

ButtermintsMelt-in-your-mouth peppermint candies with subtle hints of creamy butter. It smells just like the description but now I’m hungry! I love eating these.

Cherry Almond Pie – Orville’s favorite dessert. Graham crackers, sweet almond, cream, and cherries. Love it! Where’s my Ice Cream to go with.

Cinnamon CiderTart apples balanced with oak and spicy cinnamon. This is a favorite scent is true to the description.

Coffee TreeBold and sophisticated. Wake up to the rich aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans. I don’t like this one. I love the smell of fresh brewed coffee but don’t like any of our coffee candle scents.

Cranberry SpicE — Orville’s Pick! A generous blend of cloves and ginger help define the sophistication of tart cranberry. This one smells so good and is always a scent I receive requests for!

EucalyptusSoothing, medicinal, and fresh. This one always makes me relax and it always smells so fresh. When I have a cold I love having this one warming.

Flower ShopJust like walking into a flower shop. One of my Mom’s Favorite scents. It really does smell like the description without the sneezing!

Mad About MintA blast of mint: spicy peppermint, spearmint, and wintergreen. Can’t stand this one. I love spearamint gum but not warming this scent in my home!

MysteriousSpicy, fresh, and woody, this masculine fragrance evokes strength and vitality. This is kind of a musky scent and my husband really likes it!

Pretty in PinkFeminine white florals with a touch of grapefruit over rich amber and wood. It really is a ‘pretty’ scent to warm. I like it!

Spiced GrapefruitMandarin and bergamot citrus perfectly balanced with spicy coriander, nutmeg, and allspice. I love warming this in my house and have definitely stocked up!

Spring CleanRefreshing spring air and morning dew blended with orange blossom and crisp white florals. I can definitely smell the orange blossom which I love!

Taj MahalA soft oriental fragrance built on a base of musk and amber with subtle florals. This smells just like a spicy, asian inspired perfume. Both Shawn and I really like this one.

Toasted Apple ButterCreamy butter blended with ripe apples accented with rich spices. So yummy. I wish that I could eat this wax.

Toasted Caramel SugarWarm milk with caramelized sugar and toffee, all swirled together with the scent of silky, sweet vanilla musk. I love bakery scents but this one is a bit too sweet for my liking.

TwilightA lovely, sophisticated scent, infused with soft romantic florals and ocean air. If you love the movie you’ll love the scent!

Vanilla Walnut —Heidi’s Pick! A warm fragrance with roasted walnut and sweet vanilla bean. This was a Favorite scent for years with Scentsy and was discontinued last year. This is a long lasting and sweet scent but I think it’s one of the super strong scents. 

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