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This morning I was cleaning out our bedroom closet. There is this HUGE box of mementos from all of the trips we’ve earned through Scentsy. We have been given beach bags, backpacks, shirts, a Hawaiian Scentsy button down shirt, Glass slippers, corked bottles with sand and a note, Lanyards from Disney World with our kid’s names on them, a specially made Mickey Mouse just for us, Photo Albums given to us as gifts, and so much more. We even have a really cute miniature guitar from one trip.

Shawn and I have earned 6 Trips since we started our own Scentsy Business just 5yrs ago. SIX! Honestly, I didn’t expect this but when I went through that box…my absolute favorite mementos from our trips were from our Family Trip to Disney World Florida. Pictures of us and our Kids screaming on rides, our daughter having an absolute freak out from meeting Stitch (she was 13 too so it was even funnier), Sam wearing his Rasta Mickey Ears with braids the entire trip (he was 9), the key cards that the kids were so excited to have. The Yellow and Red Rubber Bracelets Scentsy gave them to show which hotel guests were with Scentsy so when we ran into people they already felt like friends and family to them.

There’s only been one family trip ever from Scentsy. Granted, our personal favorite adult only trips were to NYC last year and our trip last month to Greece and Italy for just the two of us – AMAZING trips!


Going through that box it really hit me. I loved that trip the most because our kids got to see and experience the Scentsy Family. They were so excited to come to our room each night to see what special gift Scentsy left out for us as a surprise. One day it was Mickey Mouse Towels which they still use today! They, and we, were spoiled at every turn.

There have been hints that another All-Expense Paid FAMILY TRIP is going to come up. We’ll find out for sure in 2 weeks at our Scentsy Family Reunion in St. Louis, MO. If this is true then our kids will be PUMPED because they know we will work hard to make sure they get to go. Even if our next Trip isn’t a trip for kids to come along on…it’ll still be a “Family Trip” because Scentsy really is one big family!

We can teach YOU how to earn Scentsy Family Incentive Trips too! We’ve earned them all since we joined and helped 44 people go on trips this year!!! And we want to help at least 100 go on trips next year. Do you want to be one of our 100 Trip Earners?

Join our Team Today to get started. Our Trip Incentive period runs August 1, 2014 – January 31, 2015.

Disney World Family Trip Pluto
The kids and Pluto!

Disney World Family Trip Stitch
Alex Hugging Stitch and crying
Disney World Family Trip Stitch posing
Alex and Stitch Posing after she pulled herself together
Disney World Family Trip Rasta Ears
Sam’s Rasta Ears and braids
Disney World Family Trip Magical Kingdom
Disney World Family Trip Magical Kingdom

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