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What a difference Facebook can make!

When Jennifer Kehl, of Missouri, was Playing Zoo World on Facebook and posted a link to her first online Party as a New Scentsy Consultant (she Joined February 4th), I’m sure she wasn’t thinking that her post would lead her 1st Recruit – Mary Ellis from Alabama.

Mary is our 300th member of our group and downline. When I called to congratulate her on joining we chatted a bit about how she knew Jennifer – she didn’t! She sheepishly admitted that she plays Zoo World on Facebook and that’s how she found out about Scentsy & Jennifer. She is a huge candle lover and when she saw Jennifer’s post about Scentsy and the link to her online party. Mary 1st became a customer…she purchased 2 Campus Collection warmers along with Cinnamon Bear and Baked Apple Pie Scented Candle Bars. She fell in love with our products and decided to join scentsy. Mary is excited to share her new business with everyone she knows and can’t wait for her Scentsy Starter Kit to arrive.

Gain a New Recruit in your first 15 Days with Scentsy!

So, how did Jennifer get a New Recruit that she didn’t know, in another state, to join in her first 15 days? Is she a marketing wiz? Did she have to pay money for an ad? Did she offer any deals or specials to get Mary to Join? The answer is ‘No’ to all of these questions. Jennifer simply posted a link to her Scentsy provided Website just in case someone, any of her Facebook Friends, would see it and possibly buy some candles and warmers. What she received, from her little Facebook post, was her first order and then…her first Recruit.

I think that most people believe that you have to build a website, pay PPC and Google Adwords, and be a computer genius in order to work your Scentsy business online. Those people are WRONG! All you need is to put the word out about your business in a thoughtful and decisive manner. Use the tools and knowledge you already have in order to ‘work’ your business online. If you are on FB now, you need to figure out how to market to your social network without alienating and irritating them with tons of Scentsy posts.

Nothing irritates me more than seeing post after post from people on Facebook that are only related to their direct selling business…whatever that business is – even Scentsy.  To me, and to most people, Facebook is a place where we want to see updates from the people we know or have similar interests with.  The one exception to this rule is if I join a Fan Page or Facebook Group.  That means that I signed up to find out more about that business, group, club, etc. and that I’m willing to get updates from them relating to that group/page.  I constantly block people who only make business posts.  I want to see personal posts from people.  Make me like you and then, when you make your occasional business post, I’ll actually check it out!  Get it?

Social Networking is very powerful

When you are in Direct Sales and are brand new you are supposed to make a ‘warm list’ of all the people you know. This isn’t just your friends, family and co-workers…it’s also anyone you sort of know (mailman, UPS delivery guy, Lady walking her dog every morning that you wave to), have done business with (like your hairdresser, manicurist, bank teller), etc. That list, depending on how thoughtful you are about completing it, can be quite large. But, I bet you that your Facebook Page has even more people on it than your Warm List does! Creating a Scentsy Fan Page or Group page that you invite all of your contacts to join or ‘like’ can get the word out about your new business immediately to hundreds (even thousands) of people. You don’t even have to create a page or group. You could just make occasional posts (1 a week max) about your business, a milestone your reached, a trip you earned with Scentsy, a giveaway to draw interest, etc.

Did you know?

More than PPC advertising, Google and Yahoo Adwords, online marketing, direct visits, etc…  Facebook is the #1 source for Online traffic to Scentsy Personalized Websites!  Isn’t that interesting?  Utilizing Facebook properly can really propel a business to new heights without ever having to pay a cent for advertising!
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  • Jacelyn Grop

    How do I share my website on facebook? I have looked all over my page for a facebook share button and I can’t find it. I know it’s possible because other consultants have done it.

  • Cara Schneider

    I totally agree with the groups and pages too. I have a LOT of friends that sell scentsy, but for the most part, the reserve advertising to their pages and groups. They keep their personal profiles relatively clear, UNLESS they have an AMAZING deal that they DONT want their friends to miss….sooo….when they DO post on their own page, I KNOW its a deal I dont want to miss, but the daily advertising is left on their page or group. Works like a CHARM!!

  • Colleen Miles

    when people put my name in on google how can it show up on my facebook page? I havr advertised my Scentsy on facebook but it does not show up on google..thanks

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