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Do you want to Buy Scentsy Products?

Look no further, WE are Scentsy Consultants!  You can Buy Scentsy products from Shawn and I, anywhere in the USA & Canada.  We have Customers all over North America and we offer Excellent Customer Service AND also give SPECIAL OFFERS for our Customers!  We send out FREE Samples as well and send you Shipping updates and Tracking #’s of your orders.   You can also Purchase Scentsy Online 24/7.

Buy Scentsy Online
Buy Scentsy Online!

Do you want to Find a Local Scentsy Consultant?

The ONLY reasons for needing a Local Scentsy consultant is to either:  Host a Scentsy Party in your Home; Purchase products in a pinch or…to Smell everything before selecting your Scents.   We offer the Same Benefits as a Local Scentsy Consultant AND ALSO work our business Full-Time and will always answer our Phone when you call to place your order!

We have a Large Team of Scentsy Consultants all over the US, Guam, Puerto Rico, Canada, Germany and The UK.  If you’d rather have a local Scentsy Consultant please CONTACT US and we’ll Find a Consultant from our Team, in your area.   We’ll have them contact you within 24hrs.

How do I find a Scentsy Consultant to Host a Party?

If you are in the Seattle and Greater Puget Sound area of Washington then We can Host a Party for you!  If you are in another area all you need to do is Give us Your Name, Address and Date of Party and we’ll find a Consultant to Host a Party in your Area!  Contact Us Today!

I want to JOIN SCENTSY.  Do I need to find a Local Scentsy Consultant to Join under?

Nope!  Actually, we recommend that you ‘Interview’ multiple Scentsy Consultants whether they’re local, long distance and even if they’re in another country.  You want your Scentsy Sponsor to be the Right fit for you and…once you Join Scentsy, you can’t change sponsors.  We work our Scentsy Business full-time and spend 80% of our time training and mentoring our Team and Downline.  We’d love to have you on our Team and work really hard to help all of our Downline become successful.  Learn how to join our award winning team.

I’m Looking for a Specific Scentsy Consultant – How do I find them?

The best way to find a Scentsy Consultant you already know is visit Scentsy’s Corporate Website at where you can Search for the Name of your favorite Scentsy consultant in the Company database.

Again, Please feel free to contact us if you need anything. We offer excellent customer service to our customers and we’d love the opportunity to be your Scentsy consultants!

Shawn & Wendy Robinson
Independent Scentsy Start Directors 

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