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I was flipping channels on the TV the other day and…

I work from home and like to keep the TV on (for noise) as I work. It actually helps keep me focused. Usually I keep it on Bravo and watch the Reality Shows like Real Housewives, Salon Makeover, etc. but, there was absolutely nothing on the tube so, while flipping channels I landed on an infomercial for a Flameless, Scented, Battery Powered (w/Timer) Candle. Since I sell Scentsy Wickless (and Flameless) Candles  warmers for a living I just had to watch and learn.

A part of me was extremely jealous that I can’t go on one of those shows and have an ‘On-Air Scentsy Party’ and sell hundreds in 15 minutes. How cool would that be really? Instead of hosting a Scentsy party in one home I could host one all over the world…with a captive audience.  AWESOME!

Back to the show… They were showing decorative pillar looking candles that are with real wax and even look like they have a wick. The idea is that you can put them as a centerpiece on your kitchen table and they flicker like a candle, have a scent, can be put on a timer and are safe because they are battery powered.

I Love Candles but I don’t like the Flame. We have 3 cats, 1 dog, 2 kids and a clumsy husband. The last thing we need is an open flame anywhere in our home.

While I absolutely Love Scentsy and know that there is no other product on the market with more beautiful warmers or wax with a stronger, longer lasting scent throw…I must admit that there are times where I wish we had a non-electric warmer that I could put as our table centerpiece – especially during the holidays.

While this battery operated candle company, and others like it, offer scented ‘candles’ but I’m going to purchase a non-scented one for the Holidays since I already have the best smelling home in the neighborhood, thanks to Scentsy! Check out the best Scented Candles from Scentsy!

Contact Us for more information about Scentsy Flameless Candle Products and check out our super cute Scentsy Holiday Warmer Collection.

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  • Jessica McGee

    I think that scents should definately do a battery powered warmer especially for those families that have rambunctious kids or animals. I often find myself kind of disapointed when I cannot put my warmers where I want them because of their proximety to an outlet. This is a great idea and I hope scentsys get on board soon!!- I love scentsy.

  • Laurie

    Battery powered scent devices would also be fantastic for nursing homes and seniors in assisted living. Fire codes will not allow electric nightlight devises. Also, the melted wax is an issue but with a battery device they could be put out of reach and out of sight, an invisible odor combative. 😃

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