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Free Scentsy is Easy and Fun to Earn!

There are a few different ways to Earn Free Scentsy:

  1. Individual Qualifying Order:  Place an order of $150 or more ($200 in Canada) and you’ll not only earn at least $15 in Free Scentsy Credit but, you’ll also get at least (1) One 1/2 Price item And FREE SHIPPING!  You can order Scentsy Online anytime, over the phone or at a Party!
  2. Qualifying Party Order:  Host a Scentsy Home, Basket, Book or Catalog Party that qualifies as a ‘party order’ and you, AND your Guests will all receive FREE Shipping.  As the Hostess, you’ll receive Free Scentsy Hostess Credit as well as (1) or More 1/2 priced items.  We’ve seen hostesses earn more than $200 of Free Scentsy!
  3. Booking Parties!  When you Host a party and one of your Guests Books a party, when you go to their party…you’ll get (1) Half Off item
  4. Join Scentsy!  When you Join Scentsy and either Host your own parties or collect orders and enter them in as a Party Order…YOU can Earn Free Scentsy AND earn Commissions!  How’s that for cool?  People ask us all the time if we get a Discount on our products, I say “yes, but earning Free Scentsy is even better!”

Your 1/2 priced items can include some Multi-Packs Combos from both the Scentsy Catalog AND our Layers by Scentsy Combine and Save items.  This can be a HUGE savings!

Earn Free Scentsy
Earn Free Scentsy

Also, Scentsy Consultants are known to give FREE Scentsy Samples and other Specials!  Every consultant has their own specials and offers.  Contact us today to find out what our Special Offers are!  Contact us today to get your Free Scentsy!

Shawn & Wendy Robinson
Independent Scentsy Star Directors



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