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Start your own Scentsy Business for only $99 ($119 Canada)

Right now, you can give yourself, and your family, the gift of a Scentsy business for the Holidays! There is no better time to invest in your future.

Is Money tight right now and you don’t have extra to spare? So, do something different – think outside of the box. What other gift can you get yourself that can actually make you money while giving you a product that you and your family can use? I can’t think of any other business that can do all of this for $99 – do you?

What comes in your Scentsy Starter Kit:

Scentsy Starter Kit Contents
What comes in the Scentsy Starter Kit
80 Scentsy Party Fragrance Testers filled with Scented Candle Wax from our Fall/Winter Catalog:
  • Favorites (20)
  • Scentsy Cafe (5)
  • Fall & Winter (10)
  • Romance (10)
  • Scentsy Man (5)
  • Spa (10)
  • Bakery (10)
  • Tropical (10)
Demonstration Products
  • Scent Circle
  • Light Bulbs (4)
  • Room Spray
  • Scentsy Bar
  • Scentsy Warmer (Changes all the time!)
  • Travel Tin
Business Supplies
  • 2010 Fall / Winter Catalogs (50)
  • Discover Scentsy DVD
  • New Consultant Start-Up Guide
  • Scentsy Planning Calendar
  • Business Cards (100)
  • Party Invitations (100)
  • Customer Order Forms (100)
  • Host Packet (Guest List, Host Rewards, Host Envelope (5 each)
  • Buy Brochures (5)
  • Host Brochures (5)
  • Join Brochures (5)
  • Consultant Binder
  • Welcome Letter

For the price of 1 night at the Movies with your Family…you could invest in your own Candle Business

How many times have you gone to the movies, had dinner at a restaurant or purchased items that you thought later…weren’t worth the price.  We’ve had lots of dinners that cost over $100 and it wasn’t even ‘fantastic’.  I mean, I think of all the times we were broke and, to make ourselves feel better, we’d go ‘treat’ ourselves to a night out with the family and then felt awful for being irresponsible!  Instead, we could’ve played games together or all cuddled up and watched a movie in bed with popcorn and had a better and… a more affordable time!   We could have invested in ourselves and found a way to bring money into our home instead of continuing to just live in the moment.  Then, one day, we finally got smart and started Selling Scentsy!

A little history about our Scentsy Story

Guess what?  Both our kids’ birthdays are in December?  I mean come on! There’s 11 other perfectly fine months in the year yet December it is!  Every year we’ve been dead broke and worried about having a birthday party for the kids (even sleepovers were expensive – food, party favors, etc.), getting birthday presents, and then…dum, dum, dum…it’s Christmas –  oh, and then we still also have to make sure we paid our bills!  We’ve lived paycheck to paycheck for so long that it is surreal to be in the position we are now.

In December 2008, we were fortunate enough to find Scentsy.  It wasn’t like we joined and then ‘viola’ the money started pouring in.  We’ve worked hard to build our business and now have over 250 consultants in our downline and are in the Top 20, of over 135,000 Scentsy Consultants, in Recruiting!  Not too shabby in just 2 years.  Also, this is the first time we didn’t flinch when purchasing our kid’s birthday gift – we are taking them, and one friend each, to Great Wolf Lodge and…we’ve already paid for the entire trip in advance.  I can’t fully express to you the joy it gives us to know that we can pay our bills easily and do a little something special for our kids and not have any stress or sleepless nights worrying!

Truly, we’ve only just begun building our business.  Scentsy has only been around for 6yrs and they are growing by leaps and bounds.  I can’t wait for the next announcement of new products and new countries that we are open for business in.  Just today I received an email from someone who wanted to know if we can sell Scentsy in Mexico!  I’m hoping that somewhere in Europe, Australia or Mexico are Open for business next!

UPDATE Scentsy is now opening in Australia and Mexico on Sept 1st 2103

What are you waiting for? Join Scentsy Today!

Make the decision today to Join the Scentsy Family! That’s truly what Scentsy is – a family! We’ve met so many wonderful people in our Upline, Downline and other Scentsy Consultants who aren’t connected to our business but whom I call friends! Also, the founders of Scentsy are truly kind and compassionate people.  Just read the company Mission Statement below:

To bring value to the world by providing an industry-leading, family-friendly business opportunity selling creative, artistic, high-quality wickless and flameless candle products that warm the heart, enliven the senses, and inspire the soul.

If you would like more information about Joining Scentsy, please contact us with our information below.  Or, if you already  know you want to join, you can just Sign up Today!


Shawn & Wendy Robinson
Scentsy Independent Directors


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