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Breaking Scentsy NEWS! The Scentsy Family just announced the newest Brand. Grace Adele! A new Scentsy Purse Line! A stylish brand of  Handbags, Clutches, Wallets and Jewelery. Grace Adele Purses by Scentsy present the newest Home Party Opportunity! We are so excited to introduce these NEW Grace Adele Scentsy Purses. Your gonna love them!!

Designed by several European Stylists as well as a former Coach Bag Designers! These Handbags and Clutches and Accessories are of the highest quality!

You will be able to Join and Sell handbags from Grace Adele. Mix and match colors, bags, purses, clutches, accessories and jewelry collections and create custom styles to fit your look to your day. Grace Adele makes fashion work for you.

CALL US Today for More Information at 877-655-5496 for Shawn and Wendy Robinson

With the Grace Adele Style you’ll first get to pick your trendy handbag bag color or print.

Then you will choose your handbag style. Every style has an individual feel

Next you can then choose a Grace Adele stylish clutch to go along with your bag. Grace Adele stylish clutches accent your bag. The Grace Adele clutch is designed to fit in the outside pocket of any Grace Adele bag allowing you to show your style and mood.

Add more Style even to your handbag with a clip-ons and accessories. Wallets, Makeup Bags, and Notebooks.

Add even more style with all the styleish signature jewelry and scarves. Mix and match your jewelry accessories with your custom handbag look. The amazing jewelry collections accent your look, so you can make a statement all your own.

CALL US Today for More Information about the Grace Adele Purses by Scentsy! 877-655-5496 for Shawn and Wendy Robinson

Find a Grace Adele Consultant Today

Sign up to Join Grace Adele Today! Coming August 1st!

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