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Picking out just the right Holiday Gifts for Family, Friends, Co-Workers, your Boss, kid’s Teacher or their Coach and even your Spouse can be a daunting task. Why not let Scentsy Fragrance help?

Holiday Gifts this time of year can encompass Halloween and Thanksgiving themed gifts when you go to various parties or events. Then there’s some future planning for Christmas and Hanukkah. Scentsy has a Holiday Gift for everyone on your list regardless of how old they are, male or female and what they personal and home decor tastes are.

Here are some Scentsy Fragrance Holiday Gifts ideas to help you this season:

He's Alive Frankenstein Candle Warmer
He’s Alive Frankenstein Warmer

It’s Alive!” Is the Super Cute and ‘Scary’ Warmer for Halloween!  Frankenstein will add a touch of humor, fun and scent to any home or office.  I just ordered Frank for my Son who’s 10yrs old.  His room has green accents, he loves having his room smell great and…it even glows like a night light.  Win. Win. Win.  He can keep this warmer in his room just for the season or…year round as it’s cool for kids all year long.  His favorite scent is Paradise Punch so pick out any scent from our collection.




Slapshot Scentsy Warmer Holiday Gifts
Slapshot Hockey Warmer

Slapshot” is truly a great gift for the Hockey lover in your family! It’s also a great Coaches Gift to give at the end of your kids’ Game Season. How about…instead of giving out trophy’s, give a Slapshot warmer to each of the kids. A friend of ours gave one to her Boyfriend for his birthday last week. He is a Hockey fanatic and has season tickets to every game. He was so excited! She paired it with a scent he’d love – Baked Apple Pie. She definitely scored points for that one.

Holiday Gifts for Men, Women, Kids and anyone who loves Hockey!




Tom Turkey Scentsy Warmer
Tom Turkey Scentsy Warmer

Tom” Turkey Warmer. Are you going to a Family or Friend’s home for Thanksgiving this year? Bring “Tom” as a gift along with a scent like Pumpkin Roll as a scent to remind your host of the yummie deserts you had.  Also, Do you have a Hunter in your family?  Live on a farm?  Have a bird lover in your family or friendship circle?  Want to decorate your own home?  Tom is a great gift for so many people and occasions.  Also, it GLOWS!  It’s beautiful on.





Menorah Scentsy Warmer
Menorah Warmer

Menorah” Hanukkah Warmer.  My family celebrates both Christmas and Hanukkah.  We have a Christmas Tree, Snowmen decorations, Santa, a musical Dreidel, my Menorah passed down from my Grandparents and now…my Menorah Scentsy Warmer.  A great gift for someone like me would be a Menorah Warmer…because I’m  just awful about remembering to light our Candles for all 8 days of Hanukkah.  I also have Cats and don’t like to have lit candles on around because they would be too curious NOT to check it out.  My son actually wants this warmer in his room because he likes that it looks like lit candles and it’s blue – not because of any religious reason.



All Wrapped Up Scentsy Warmer
All Wrapped Up Warmer

All Wrapped Up” is a great Gift to give anyone. This is one of those Holiday Gifts that says it all doesn’t it?  My 14yr old Daughter requested this for her room…it comes next week!  Give this as a gift to your Boss, your Co-Worker in your Secret-Santa pool, your friends and family – Anyone!  Pair it with a Holiday Scent like Iced Pine or Black Ruby!





Scentsy Bogo Buddy Free Deal
Scentsy 2 for 1 BOGO Free Deal

Buy One Get One FREE BOGO” Don’t like Candles or Warmers but love Scented Stuffed Animals? Check out our Scentsy Buddy Holiday Gifts Special offer while supplies last. Buy one Buddy with Scent Pak and get your Second Buddy and Scent Pak for FREE! Stock up on them for Birthday Presents for your kid’s friends, for your own kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, baby shower gifts, etc. Or, just spoil yourself and cuddle up with your favorite Buddy that smells, perhaps, like French Lavender, Newborn Nursery, or maybe Baked Apple Pie!


Holiday Gifts that Smell Great!

When you give a Scented Candle you want to pick out the best scent for the person you’re giving it to right? I know that if I received a floral scented candle…I’d never use it. I’d probably re-gift it! I don’t like anything floral but I love Bakery Scents. When you know a bit about the person you’re giving a gift to Scentsy has made selecting the perfect scent easy by offering “Fragrance Categories”. Check out all 8 Scent Categories. If you aren’t sure what scent to get your best bet is to stick with a Vanilla based scent. Vanilla Scented Candles are the #1 Candle Scent in the world. If you know that someone is super picky…give them a Gift Certificate so they can pick out their own scents.

Get all of your Holiday Gifts with Scentsy this year! BUY NOW


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