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Do you love Candles?

Is money tight?  Do your friends and family love candles too?  Is your house dirty or clean?  Either way, we have an option for you!  Most people love candles and have them in their homes.  We still have some Yankee Candles, PartyLite and others around the house ready and waiting for a power outage.  We switched to Scentsy Wickless Candles for good after realizing that we were saving a TON of money on candles that didn’t burn evenly, didn’t scent the house, created lots of soot and…when you blow out a candle you are left with smelling smoke.  Yuk!

What is a Scentsy?

Scentsy is the fastest growing Home Party Company EVER in history!  Wickless, Flameless, Scented Candles and Warmer for your home, office, dorms and more.  We believe it is because our product is great, affordable and safe!  Also, it is a great business opportunity for someone wanting to make a little or a lot of extra income!

Host a Home or Basket Party?

This is where the clean house and questions like, “do I want to entertain at my house?” come into play.  We have two Party Options for you:

  • HOME PARTY:  The party is held at your home or wherever it’s convenient. The party will last about an hour and half. If the party reaches $150 in sales then everyone at the party will receive free shipping. Once all orders have been received, we will add up all the totals times at the percent you earned, and you will be able to choose all fabulous FREE Scentsy merchandise plus you will get 1/2 OFF items as well. Also, if anyone signs up to host a party, at your party, you will receive another fabulous half off item.
  • BASKET PARTY:  Are you too busy to do a home party? You can still get FREE Scentsy Wickless Candle products. We will provide you with a bag or basket that holds all of the current Scentsy Scents along with Order Forms, Catalogs, a Room Spray and all the information you need to know. If you are not local to us or one of our Consultants, we will Mail it to you anywhere!  Basket Parties are fun an easy to take with you anywhere. You can take this anywhere and sell to anyone like your Work, Hairdresser, Dentist, Grocer, Kids Sporting Events, etc.  You will reap all the benefits that a home party has to offer yet not have to entertain guests! Once you’re done collecting orders, we’ll get together and tally up the totals and you’ll be able to choose FREE and 1/2 priced products – just like a home party.

How much can I get in Rewards:

Scentsy Hostess Rewards

Example: Total of the party not including your order and sales tax = $600.00  then You will receive (3) 1/2 price items and 15% ($90 dollars in FREE Scentsy Products)

How do I schedule a Home or Basket Party?

Just call or email us!  We have consultants all over the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and Guam!  We can work with your schedule!

Call us at:  877-655-5496    or  Email us at:


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