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Shawn and I are SuperStar Directors.  We’ve been consultants for over 7yrs.  I can’t tell you how much we make but I can tell you this.  We are both Full-Time, Work From Home Parents because of Scentsy.  We work our business today like we did 6yrs ago when we fully committed to building a real business.  We have a downline and Team that span 3 Continents because we recruited and sponsored other consultants.  We still sell product every month and have been top sellers over the years.  We’ve earned trips to places like Greece, NYC, Disney World, a Southern Caribbean Cruise – and more!

Scentsy has allowed us to change our lives, our attitudes, ideals, future vision and even how our kids see the world and what they can do in it.

Below is information on the AVERAGE INCOME that Scentsy & Velata Consultants made in 2014.  Some consultants have made over 1 Million dollars (in a single year) but it’s not listed because it’s not the average.

The most common question we are asked by potential recruits is:  How much money can I expect to make Selling Scentsy?  I always answer this with – “As much as you Choose to!”  This is the truth.  Some people have expectations and even hopes of what they can make but if they don’t put in the work and effort then they can expect to make Nothing.  Zip.  Zero.  Zilch.

We’d love to answer any questions you have about Joining Scentsy and hope that you will contact us at the number at the top of this website or comment below if you are interested in learning more about your own opportunity.

Scentsy & Velata Income Disclosure Statement for 2014

Scentsy or Velata Independent Consultants earn between 20 and 36 percent commissions and bonuses on personal sales and may be eligible for leadership bonuses based on their teams’ sales.

The chart below shows how Scentsy or Velata Independent Consultants in the U.S. performed, on average, in 2014. As with any business endeavor, the success any individual Consultant sees will be a direct result of the amount of time, effort and skill he or she develops in selling the product and leading a team. The earnings below represent commissions that Scentsy actually paid Consultants in 2014. These figures do not take into account any expenses Consultants may have incurred in
marketing their businesses.

2014 Income Disclosure Statement Scentsy

Call us at 877-655-5496 if you have any questions about Joining Scentsy.

*This chart includes all Scentsy or Velata Independent Consultants in the U.S. who were current at the end of 2014. It does not factor in Consultants who were current in any part of 2014 but not active at the end of the year.

**For Consultants at their respective titles at the end of December 2014. These amounts reflect cash distributions only and do not include product credit or other non-cash awards such as incentive trips. The amounts above reflect gross profits and do not include any business expenses Consultants may have incurred in running their businesses.

*** The average number of months for the Consultants in the U.S. from their join date to the end of 2014.

The total number of current Consultants in the U.S. at the end of 2014 was 105,192. A total of 49,568 Consultants in the U.S. left due to inactivity or other causes in 2014. The minimum commission paid to Consultants who left was $0.00, and the maximum paid was $14,476.40.


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