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Do you have Someone Specific in mind?

If you know a Scentsy Consultant but don’t have their information yet want to contact them, please go to and look them up by namme. *You can NOT use this site (the one you are on right now) to ‘search’ for consultants.  We are NOT Scentsy Corporate…we are Scentsy Independent Consultants – just like the one you are looking for!

I Want Someone Local to Host a Party or a chance to Smell Scents before Purchasing!

You can always use the Consultant Locator link above to find someone to host a party for you (search by your address) but, you will only be given a list of 5 consultants names and websites. We have a large Team all over the United States and Canada. Why not CONTACT US and have us Refer a specific Scentsy Consulant to you – if we have one local enough? If not, we always refer people back to the Corporate Consultant Locater.  What do you have to lose?

Also, you can always Host a Basket Party!  We mail out Basket Parties all over the United States for Free all the time!  Are you always on the go and don’t have time for a Home Party?  Find out more about this great alternative.  You don’t have to have a Local Scentsy Consultant to Host a Scentsy Party anymore!

I Just Want to Purchase Products

You can Order through any consultant by Calling or Emailing them or…by ordering online via their website. We have Customers all over the United States, Guam & Canada! We offer excellent Customer Service and More! We are in the Seattle area but don’t let that scare you away. All of your products are shipped Direct from Scentsy – just like if you ordered from a local consultant. Your orders will still arrive in the same abount of time too – no faster! Try us out and Buy Scentsy from Us, Today!

I want to Join Scentsy and want to find the right Sponsor

You’ve come to the right place if you’d like to Join Scentsy! If you’re reading this far, you know that we are very involved in our Business! You shouldn’t just join with someone local…just because they are close. You want to interview a few Consultants to see who you connect with, who can help you build your business the way you want and…who will answer the phone and get back to you quickly! Call or email us with your questions! We are an Award Winning team and we have consultants all over the US, Canada, Germany & Guam and spend 90% of our time helping our Downline to grow their businesses. Let us help you. Start your new Scentsy Candle Business today!

Join Scentsy
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