If you Join Scentsy in July 2015 you get HUGE Discount

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I don’t know about you but I LOVE a discount! Are you a Candle lover or just a Scentsy Fanatic? Does your house always have to smell good for you to be happy? Do you pride yourself on having the best smelling place on your block?

Well, then, You NEED to Join Scentsy in July 2015 and get a HUGE Discount.

What makes more sense to you:

Buy Scentsy: $49.00- one warmer, three bars
Join Scentsy: $49.00- one warmer, one bar, testers of all 80+ scents we carry, business tools out the wazoo and more. Not to mention unlimited income earning potential, free vacations, the ability to earn free and half priced products and it’s amazing meeting new friends/community.

And…we still have our SUPER Awesome Full Size Starter Kit that has all of the above AND WAY MORE Product and Business Supplies and more.

It’s like a Choose your own Adventure – Start yours Today!

Join Scentsy in July
Join Scentsy in July


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