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Brand new Scentsy products are coming to the 2015 Fall Winter Catalog. We are so excited to unveil them here FIRST! From our new Scentsy Essential Oil Diffuser fragrance delivery system to the ultra high end luxury body care for men and woman, this season is the biggest and most fragrant yet in our ever growing Scentsy Business. All new products Available September 1, 2015

Penny the Pig Scrubby Buddy introduces some of our NEW Products

Scentsy Essential Oil Diffuser

Our newest Fragrance Delivery System is available in three stylish, modern designs. The Scentsy Diffuser offers the most incredible aromatherapy experience yet. Releasing high end essential oil mist for a full-bodied, exclusively natural scent experience based on your personal preference of our exclusive essential oil scents. Choose between high and low mist options and 16 Color LED light options depending on your mood. This awesome essential oil fragrance delivery system is the only essential oil diffuser on the market that offers a lifetime warranty! buy-scentsy-online


Scentsy Oils

We will start offering 21 all-natural Scentsy Oils. Globally sourced from only the best places on earth. 3 Essential Oils, 6 Essential Oil Blends and 12 100% Natural Oil Blends. All and any can be combined to create your personal fragrance experience. Fully Customizable to your taste in fragrance

Scentsy Skin for Women

Our expressive new skincare line for women designed to keep supple, silky soft and fragrantly scented. Each scent was designed exclusive by Scentsy and built to work with your body chemistry to give you a one of a kind fragrance. Our scentsy Skin care line will offer five timeless scents in three luxury products. Whipped Body Soufflé, Velvet Hand Cream and Fine Fragrance Roller.

Scentsy Groom

scentsy-groomMen we finally have a line just for you! Scentsy Groom is designed exclusively for men. This line will Scentsy will elevate the daily routine with multi-functional skincare and shave products designed to ease every stage of the male grooming process. With five unforgettable scents, this collection works together to cleanse, soothe the skin while while adding a comfortably cool, fresh fragrance. Choose from five scents and three products: Shave and Shower Bar, Shampoo, Refreshing Face Balm and Cream Shave Soap.

Kitchen and Dish Soap and Counter Cleaner

Two New kitchen products to our Scentsy Clean line. With cutting-edge cleaning technologies and Scentsy fragrance all for the kitchen and a spotless and beautifully scented home. Counter Clean is an multi-purpose spray that forms a transparent barrier on surfaces to repel grime and make cleaning easier over time, while our new Kitchen Soap is a powerfully formulated biodegradable enzyme that easily dissolves dirt and grime.


Clothing Conditioner


New to our ever growing Scentsy Laundry line, Clothing Conditioner will improve fabric softness and absorbency with our one of a kind water-attracting softener. Perfect for use on dry-wicking fabric. And like our other laundry products by scentsy this Clothing Conditioner is infused with Scentsy fragrance to leave your clothes beautifully scented all day long.

Scentsy Kids

scentsy-scrubby-buddyOur fun, exciting new Kids products are designed to nurture imaginations and creativity, whether during down time, bath time or on the go.

We’re introducing our new adorable Scrubby Buddy. A hand puppet bath toy and washcloth all in one! Available in four animal designs, each buddy comes with its own Bath Smoothie for your child’s perfect wash and play routine. The ever foaming, sulfate-free Bath Smoothie cleanses you kids from head to toe while applying an awesome scented kid-approved fragrance.

Send your kids back to school with a Buddy Clip! These cute clip-on Buddies are perfect for backpacks, lockers, bedrooms and more. And they’re stuffed with fragrance beads for long lasting scents children of all ages will love.

Scentsy Kids also offers new and exciting warmers and fragrances, designed especially for kids. Two delightful new warmers and four fabulous fragrances.

College Campus Collection Football Helmet Warmers

Logos of some of Americas most popular college teams, these football helmets add school and team spirit while adding amazing fragrances to your room without the glow of a light bulb.

Campus Collection Mini Warmers

Smaller versions of the College Football Warmers. Team Spirit for Smaller Spaces! Your favorite team’s logo and your favorite game day fragrance.

Scentsy Car Bar

Available in our classic Scentsy Bar curve design, delivering fragrance for your vehicle that lasts up to 30 days. Perfect for your car so you can enjoy your favorite scent while on the go!

Bernie the Buddyfly (Butterfly)

Autism Speaks. Scentsy’s newest Cause Buddy, Bernie the Buddyfly or Butterfly. Every Bernie purchased, Scentsy will donate $8 to Autism Speaks® to help fund autism research, Bring hope and spread awareness to everyone affected by this complex disorder.

New Fragrances and Candle Warmers

Of course we have new warmers and Scents! Like every season, we’re offering a incredible lineup of new fragrances and warmers to suit every taste, from classically inspired designs, textured and modern shapes the new 2015 Scentsy Fall Winter Catalog has something for everyone!


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