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Get 50% more Party Testers for FREE!

Join August 2014 Super Sized Starter Kit
Join August 2014 Super Sized Starter Kit

Have you been WAITING to Join Scentsy?

There’s no better time to JUMP in and start your own Scentsy Business than in August. Here are some great reasons to Join Scentsy Now:

    1. Fall / Winter Products and Sales and Sales Season.  Truly, there is no better or easier time to build a successful business.  We generally double our business from August – December and more people are looking for Scentsy Consultants to Host Parties, Buy from locally, Join Under, Come to Events and Bazaars and even run Fundraisers.  The opportunities are endless.
    2. Earn a FREE All-Inclusive Trip!  Um, how awesome would this be?  From August 1st – January 31st Scentsy gives everyone a chance to earn points towards earning a trip.  This year the options are a 7 Night Royal Carribbean Cruise or a Trip to Vegas for Scentsy Family Reunion…you pick which one you want!  The sooner you start the better your chances at earning.  We’ve earned Every single trip since we joined and just returned from the Top Earners trip to GREECE this past May.  It was amazing!
    3. Use your Extra 39 Testers!  As soon as September 1st gets here you can use the discontinued Testers you received in your Super Sized Starter Kit!  Sell them, Use them for yourself to scent up your home, use them as Hostess gifts and door prizes and even make samples out of them.  It’s FREE marketing for you!
    4. August is a 10% off Transition Month!  It’s great to start off your business by giving everyone a discount off of our products.  We are making room for our Fall/Winter Product line and after August 31st all products being discontinued may be gone forever which means that people stock up on their favorite scents and products on our discontinued list – and get them at a discount!
    5. Build an International business – if you want!  As of this moment there are only 115k Active Scentsy Consultants in the World – The Entire World! Mary Kay has over 5 Million Consultants worldwide.  Scentsy is in its infancy and are one of the strongest and fastest growing, stable and cutting edge Direct Sales companies in the world.  Grow with us!  Shawn and I have Team members in all Canada Provinces, almost All 50 States, one of the largest teams in Guam, Puerto Rico, in Europe we have consultants in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Germany and even in Australia.  We are still working on growing in all of these areas as well as in Mexico, Scotland, England, Poland and other parts of Europe as we expand.  We can Teach you how to build an international team!

JOIN Scentsy Today!  <<<<<Click here to find out what Countries we are open in and if YOU can Join Scentsy!!!


Join our Team and we’ll help you build the kind of business YOU want!

You may just love Scentsy Products and want to support your habit. Maybe you want to make a couple hundred dollars a month extra. Never been out of the country – earn a trip! Perhaps you just need to get out of the house and make some new friends and have some fun. Or, if you’re like us, maybe you just want to shoot for the stars and change your life. We are 100% Work at Home Parents because of Scentsy and we spend most of our time working with our Team. We would love to help you build WHATEVER kind of Business you want for yourself.

Think about this… The other night I was thinking about living a life less ordinary.  A friend had posted the picture below on Facebook the other day and it really hit me. I don’t want to settle. I don’t want to just ‘live’ but rather I want to LIVE! I don’t want to stay in one place. I want to travel. Explore. See and hear things I never thought we would until we opened our eyes to the possibilities…because of Joining Scentsy and becoming our own bosses. I no longer have travel anxiety and look forward to our next adventure. Our kids see the world differently and don’t limit themselves because we think out of the ‘job’ box.

Do YOU want to live a life less ordinary? JOIN SCENTSY TODAY!

Change your Life Today!
Change your Life Today!

Join Scentsy Online or Call / Email Us with any questions you may have.

Shawn & Wendy Robinson
Scentsy Independent SuperStar Directors

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