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What’s so much better about Joining Scentsy in February?

When you Join Scentsy in February, all New Consultants get MORE! For the same low price of $99 ($119 in Canada) you get everything you see in the picture below from our Fall/Winter Product line in addition to our Spring/Summer Catalogs and Candle Party Testers. So, you get 50 catalogs from each season and 105 Party Testers instead of the normal 80.

2011 Scentsy Start Up Kit
2011 Scentsy Start Up Kit

While I get more ‘stuff’, how will this help me?

Basic Answer:  Let’s be honest. You may decide to just Join Scentsy just to get all this stuff for $99. It’s valued at over $150 worth of products alone that you can use. I mean really, you could scrape those Party Tester Jars for the next year, or even 2 years, and have 105 scents. How many candles would you have to buy to get a deal like that? You get a Warmer to melt it all in too! If nothing else, the Warmer and the Party testers alone are valued at over $125! Why wouldn’t you Join?   Also, how much money do you spend on Candles in a year?  Where does the wax go once it melts – in the air for you to breathe into your lungs!  Why wouldn’t you want to try Scentsy?  Our candles are safe!

Here’s the business answer: When you Join in February, you get all those extra catalogs to pass out or use for parties. As soon as March 1st comes around, 25 of those testers are going to be discontinued scents. They make great gifts for your party hostesses or, you can melt them down into samples, sell them at your parties, put some in your purse to carry around with you or…just melt them for your personal use!

Think like a Business Owner

If you were going to buy a Restaurant Business and found 2 restaurants for sale at the exact same price, type of location, size, etc., and one comes with all of the furniture and kitchen appliances while the other is gutted. Wouldn’t you make an offer on the one that comes ready to use? You’d be stupid not to right?  Here’s another question:  Can you open your own Franchise, like McDonalds, for only $99?  No Way.  This is your Scentsy Franchise

That’s what Scentsy offers. It’s a business in a box but…in February, that box is PACKED! I’ve heard from a lot of you that you’ve thought about Joining Scentsy but haven’t done so for financial reasons. Here’s my question to you: What are you doing to change your financial situation? If you don’t make any changes in your life how can you expect it to change? The Scentsy Business Opportunity changed our lives. I won’t go all into it right here but you can find an earlier post I wrote last June explaining our story!

If you put even a little effort into your Scentsy Business you will be successful.  Success for some people just means paying themselves back for the price they paid for the kit (that’s just one very average party of $400-600).  For others, it’s making $200-300 extra a month – which is the price of a big bill or car payment every month (need 2-3 parties a month).  Some have higher aspirations like wanting $500 or more a month.  If you have 4-5 Parties a month (basically 1 a week) you can sell around $2000 in product and your commissions would be $at least $600 with that sales amount.

I work our business full time but pick my hours, hang out with my kids, am room mom in my son’s classroom, etc.  I don’t have to send my kids to before or after school care and can take them to their Swim Meets, Orchestra  and Sports practices without having to ask anyone for time off to do so since I don’t have a boss!    If the kids are sick, I’m sick or Shawn is sick…I can take care of them (& myself) without having to worry about missing work.  We’ve earned trips, prizes, bonuses, etc. and have had a blast doing it.  I don’t know of any other company I could have so much fun ‘working’ with.  I’ve worked for large corporations, small family businesses and run my own business and I can tell you that working our Scentsy business has been challenging, fulfilling, rewarding and FUN!  My other businesses were challenging and even fulfilling at times but never really fun.  I was also building someone else’s company and dreams – instead of my own.  Wouldn’t you rather work to build your own empire than a corporations?

Scentsy is Expanding – with or without you!

We received word last month from Scentsy Corporate that we are now opening for business in Europe. The first Countries opening up are Germany and the United Kingdom of Great Britain – England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland. Who do you know who has ties to these countries? We’ve never been to Europe but know people who have been, have family there or…are even relocating there! This is a great time to join and get in on all of the European Scentsy ground floor action!  Did you know that Avon has over 5 Million consultants worldwide?  Scentsy only has 150,000!

Join for yourself and for your family.  We’ll help you every step of the way!  Our goal is to help you succeed.  Please feel free to call or email us with any questions or…JOIN Now and start on your Scentsy Journey!

Shawn & Wendy Robinson
Scentsy Independent Directors

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  • devinne

    when i buy a starter kit for $99, do i keep all of the money i earn and do i keep all of the things in the starter kit?

    • Hi Christy,

      When you first Join it’s 20% commission but as you promote you could earn up to 39% off of your personal sales – like we do. You don’t have to order anything else – just use your kit to show at parties and keep it simple! Seriously…just pay the $99 to Join and you’re good to go! Let me know if you have any other questions.


  • Kim Stoot

    I just saw the offer in April for the February special, and am really interested in owning my own business/company. Is it possible to receive the same benefits of the February special if I join now?

    • Hi Kim,

      Thanks for contacting us. We got disconnected before I could answer you question. You only get that special in February but if you want to make $400 a month I can show you how to do this easily! Then, building from there I can help you and your daughter build something fun and that can give you the Independence you seek. Feel free to call or email me. 425-442-0909 Wendy

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