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GIVE SCENTSY A TRY – Join Scentsy for Free – Sort of

We’re looking for NEW Scentsy Consultants who want to be Business owners BUT…you aren’t sure if you’d be any good at it!

If you have ever thought about becoming a joining Scentsy and becoming a Consultant, this is a great opportunity for you to give it a trial run without any obligations up front!

Here’s how it works when you host one of our basket parties:

  • You get to borrow a FREE Kit or what we call a Basket Party,  with all the Scentsy supplies you need for just 1 week!
  • You collect orders from you friends, family, co-workers, hairdresser, team, neighbors and anyone else you want!
  • If you sell $500+ in Product, as a Consultant, you’d make $100 Commissions so make this amount your Minimum Goal since it costs $99 + tax/shipping to Join
  • If you LOVE it, you sign up as a Scentsy Consultant and we put this party under you as your 1st one which you earn commissions and Host Rewards off of!  WIN WIN!
  • If it’s still not the right time for you to sign up, you’ll still get all of the amazing host rewards (like free and half price items!) earned through a qualifying party!

If you want to Join, You can do so and then we can help you enter in your “TRY” party as your first order.  Again, if it is at least 500 in sales then you will earn at least $100 in Commission on your first paycheck which, in essence, makes your Kit price a wash so you can Join Scentsy for Free.  Make sense?

Let us know if you are interested! Contact Us


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