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38% More Scentsy when you Join Scentsy in August!

What are you waiting for? If you’ve been wanting to JOIN SCENTSY then there’s no better time than during a Transition month.  August is one of two times a year that Scentsy Fragrance offers this Join Special.  We are making room for our Fall/Winter 2012 Products as well as our HOLIDAY Warmers and Scents.  This year, you get 31 extra Scents when you Join in August because we have added 5 Special Holiday Scents which will only be offered on our Seasonal Holiday Flyer on September 15.  But, if you Join in August, you’ll get all 5 of these Holiday Scents along with 26 New & Returning Scents and 25 Catalogs for our Fall/Winter Catalog Sales Season in addition to everything that comes in our Current Spring/Summer 2012 Starter Kit.

Still only $99 to Join Scentsy ($119 Canada)

When you Become a Scentsy Consultant you are not only giving yourself the opportunity to earn a few hundred or thousand dollars a month and change your family’s financial future – you get so much MORE!  We’ve been Scentsy Family Consultants for 3 1/2 years now and just 2 months ago my husband, Shawn, was able to retire from his job of 16yrs.  We are now BOTH Stay-at-Home Parents to our 14 and 10yr old kids.  This is the first time he’s been able to go to ALL of their school, sporting, award and dance competitions on weekends (which he’s always worked), travel all over the world with Scentsy and with our family – without asking for time off!  I can go on and on with all of the awards, bonuses, prizes and trips we’ve earned since we became Scentsy Consultants but, what you really need to know is that WE NOW HAVE CHOICES!  We can choose if we want to send our kids to private school, where we want to live, how we want to live, when we come and go, and so on.  We have the freedom because of all of our hard work to live life on our own terms and, this is just the beginning!  JOIN SCENTSY Today!

Join Scentsy Fragrance 2012 Starter Kit
Join Scentsy

Why is this so awesome?  Well, starting September 1st, when you Join Scentsy, you can take those discontinued scents from the Spring/Summer Catalog and make Samples to give away; give away the testers as hostess gifts; scrape them for your personal and family use or just flip them upside down in your warmer, save them for a rainy day and when a customer is really missing that scent…send it to them as a gift – We’ve absolutely done these things with our customer and the LOVE it!

When you Join Scentsy For only $99, ($119 in Canada) plus shipping and tax, you get a complete business franchise – if you will!  Could you open your own McDonald’s franchise for $99? How about a nail or hair salon?  Most of the direct selling companies out there today require a whole lot more than $99 and have other other requirements towards purchasing supplies and product to boot!  And…no other company has ‘Scentsy Spirit!’

If you don’t have any money think about this:  “What are you doing to change this fact?  Are you going to say the same thing next month when you look at this, or another opportunity?”  You are the only one who can change your path!  Sometimes you have to make a leap of faith. We were dead broke when we joined Scentsy and our financial and work futures were looking pretty bleak!  Not only are we making great money each month now and don’t have to worry about paying our heating and water bills any longer, we are surrounded by the nicest, most down to earth, kind, funny and spirited people you will ever meet.

For those of you who love candles but aren’t sure if the Business Opportunity is right for you, consider this: How much do you spend on Candles every month/year?  I bet you it’s a heck of a lot more than $99.00!  Let’s take the business supplies you get out of the picture.  Just for the Product alone it’s worth joining!  It will take you over  year to even begin using all the wax in these jars!   Why buy $150 in products from another consultant when you could become a consultant yourself?

What are you waiting for?  Join Scentsy today!

You can call or email us with ANY questions you may have.  what do you have to lose?  Visit our Join page to learn more about this amazing opportunity.

Shawn & Wendy Robinson

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