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Do I need to give you free ‘stuff’ to join with me and become a Scentsy Consultant?

This is the question I’ve been asking myself recently.  I have seen a lot of our Scentsy Consultants offering everything from free warmers to reimbursing you for half or all of your sign-up fees to Join Scentsy.  Honestly, I was about to post the same sort of gimmick on my Scentsy site but then I realized that I want people who are don’t need to be “bought.”  Don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with giving away free merchandise, etc. but I think it sends the wrong message about the Scentsy Business.  It is ONLY $100 + Tax (roughly $118) to start your own candle business with Scentsy.  You already get a ton of product with your start-up kit and get a Candle Warmer and the product is fantastic and really does ‘sell’ itself.  Tell me, what other business can you open that costs $100.00?  None that I can think of.  I want consultants who really want make some additional income and treat this as a business…which it is.

Think of it this way.

  • Kid A – Buys his first car with his own money that he’s worked long and hard to save for.
  • Kid B – Parents buy him a new car.

Which one of these kids do you think is going to take care of his car better?

I recently received an email from a “new consultant” who had been receiving my newsletter.  She sent me an email stating that she was so excited to start her new Scentsy Business.  I didn’t see her in my Downline report so I called her.  She said that she couldn’t remember who she signed up with but that she chose that person because she was going to get a free warmer!  I was honestly stunned.  Instead of making a business decision to research the Consultant who was going to help her get her business up and running off the ground she chose “free stuff” and can’t remember her new upline’s name…but she remembered me – why?

Do I want to run my business that way?  I have monthly “Free Giveaways” and this generates additional online sales, parties, basket parties and new consultants.  Again, nothing wrong with giveaways to increase your business but, how well do these new “free giveaway” consultants do with their new Scentsy Candle Business?

I’ve found that anyone who’s been “sold” Scentsy and other business opportunities, generally fail.  I would rather recruit 2-4 new consultants a month who are serious about their new business and mesh well with me and what I have to offer as their upline, than recruit 10-15 new reps who drop off after 3 months because they aren’t really looking for a way to change their financial future.

I am passionate about what I do and I like to care for and train my consultants so they can achieve their goals.  When you recruit so many people I don’t believe that you can give everyone the one-on-one training and guidance they deserve.  Maybe I’m wrong with taking this approach.  Perhaps I will grow my business a bit slower than others but I will tell you this…I have bonded with everyone in my downline and they all remember who their Upline is!

Join Scentsy today and start creating a succesful Candle Business


  • Wendy

    I have seen this type of thing time and time again with Pre-Paid Legal – the business I work with – and with Scentsy. I see people posting freebies for signing up with them and financial incentives. It isn’t duplicateable. Can everyone you recruit afford to give $50 back to each person they recruit when they are brand new or give away $30 worth of warmers? If you are a SuperStar Director you make enough money to afford to give “kick-backs” to your downline but what kind of precedent is this setting for the company as a whole?

  • Katie Jones

    Very well said!! I have always admired, and witnessed, the importance you place on being a sponsor of quality rather than a sponsor of quantity.

    Anyone who is wise enough to pick you for their Scentsy sponsor will definitely have the tools and more importantly, the attention they need to reach their individual Scentsy goals.

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