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It’s a Transition Month for Scentsy

Twice a year (August and February) Scentsy has ‘Transition’ Months.  These are the months prior to our Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer Catalogs coming out!  This means that Scentsy offers discounts for almost all the items in the Scentsy Product Catalog that is phasing out, will be discontinuing certain Candle Warmers, Nightlights and Scents!

Additionally, for the same low price of $99 (which has always been the price to Join Scentsy) you get everything in the picture below from our Spring/Summer Catalog AND…extra goodies from our Fall/Winter Catalog!

Scentsy Starter Kit
Scentsy Starter Kit

Check us out online today at to find out more about Joining Scentsy today!  Call or email us with any questions you have today.  Join our Award Winning Scentsy Team Team today and start on your path to success!


Start your own Home Based Business Today!  Scentsy offers a Business-in-a-Box opportunity for only $99!  We can help you take your kit and turn it into a successful business if, you really want to work it!  Join Our Scentsy Team Today!

Join Scentsy
Join Scentsy Today!

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  • Angela Starr

    what a great way to double the kit so that you have more to show the customers!! How exciting and what a great time to join.

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