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Scentsy Incentive Trip contest starts August 1st, but…

Okay, so you can’t just Join Scentsy and earn a trip but, if you don’t join you won’t even have the chance to try!  We want to help ‘the willing’ build their own Candle business and team (if you want) so you can earn a trip for 2!  Scentsy runs it’s Trip incentive contest from August 1st through January 31st each year. We are great recruiters and trainers but don’t have a lot of parties and we’ve been able to earn trips to the last 2 incentives – Disney World (with our kids in tow) June 2011 and Kona Hawaii (sans kiddos). Some consultants earned this last trip without recruiting anyone…just had party after party and I met one gal who Joined in October earned the trip in just 2 months time (it took us all 6 months to earn the last trip!).  We know what it takes to earn these trips and we want to use our expertise to help others!

Right now, Scentsy has given us a head-start opportunity (if you will) at earning this next trip for June 2012! Anyone you personally recruit in the Month of July, who promotes to Certified Consultant (sell at least $1000 in product lifetime) by the end of the contest, will earn points towards winning the trip!

Get a jump start on the upcoming Holiday Season

The Scentsy Holiday Sales season frenzy starts in August and really kicks into gear mid-September. We do most of our yearly sales, and even recruiting, starting Mid-August through December. If you Join Scentsy and start selling and recruiting now, you will have a great shot at earning this trip for yourself and a guest!  It’s not hard to Sell Scentsy candles – just ‘share’ them and they sell themselves.

We have had the best time on these trips! Not only did we have fun, received little gifts from Scentsy in our rooms each night, stayed at awesome hotels, etc… we met the coolest people – some lifelong friendships have developed!

Why these trips have meant so much to us

Until we earned our Scentsy trip to Hawaii last year we hadn’t been able to afford a vacation for years. The last trip we had taken was to Disneyland with the kids 5yrs ago and since then we’ve only gone camping. Shawn and I hadn’t been on a real vacation (where you flew somewhere and didn’t bring your bed with you) for even longer. We were so proud of our earning this trip. We had a wonderful time, saw a huge school of Dolphins while on a Snorkeling trip (from Scentsy), went to a huge Luau, etc. We even met some cool people from New York who invited us to their little mansion they were renting for 2 weeks. Let’s just say it was an amazing, fun filled trip that we’ll never forget!

Now that we’ve just returned from our Disney World Trip we want to earn this next incentive. We can’t imagine not earning the yearly trips.

Join our team and we’ll help you!

We want to bring our Team along on our next incentive and will help you earn it. Based on what your personal skill set and goals are…we’ll personalize your training. We’ve done it all. Hosted parties, held local and long distance (3000 miles away) Fundraisers, Craft and Vendor Fairs along with Bazaars and Girls-Night-Out parties, online marketing (organic and some paid), build a Team of your own!  We’re top Recruiters (we’re currently the #8 Recruiters in all of Scentsy – last year we were #13) of an Award Winning Team! We can help you with whatever your personal goals are and will give you as much, or even as little, support that you want.

We also offer Team Webinars, a Team Site (password protected) devoted to giving you great information to use in your business, 3-way conference calls, and more.

While it’s great that we’ve earned trips, we want to help YOU Earn a trip for yourself. Whether you want to earn an awesome vacation, make a little (or a lot) of extra money each month, pay off your car or other loans, get the creditors off your back, bring in a 2nd income so you can retire a spouse, spend more time with your family, etc. don’t hesitate to Join Scentsy now! Joining Scentsy and starting our own candle business was the best decision we’ve ever made!

It’s only $99 to Join Scentsy…what do you have to lose? Join us online today at or call/email us with questions you have. Interview us – we’re happy to answer all of your questions!

Join our growing team across the USA, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Guam & Puerto Rico!

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