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What’s the definition of Insanity?

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result! ~ Albert Einstein.

Even crazier?  How about being broke all the time, finding an opportunity that ‘could’ turn things around and then…letting that opportunity pass you by only to find yourself in the same financial state year after year.

When I hear people tell me that they don’t have $99 to Join Scentsy I call their bluff! Do you go to the movies; dancing; out to dinner; shopping at the mall; etc? How much money do you spend on Latte’s every month?   If you think about it, it’s pretty easy to spend $100 on any one of these events or over $100 a month at Starbucks right? Why not forgo one of these outings for one month and use that ‘extra’ $100 to start your own business and the opportunity to make more money and get your finances together?

Am I the insane one? Not anymore!

Tax Return Season is the perfect time to Join Scentsy

Most people receive money back on their Tax Return. I don’t know how many times I’ve read posts on Facebook about how they can’t wait for their return so they can buy this or that.

I’m thinking…”if you are so anxious and excited for your return why are you going to go buy some big ticket item that you really don’t need…but want? Why not invest your money in yourself and into a business opportunity like Scentsy where every month can seem like a Tax Refund time!”

Why not sell a few Candle Warmers every month, get some free Scentsy candles for yourself and earn monthly commissions.  Even if you sell scentsy as a hobby…you can use your extra monthly commissions to buy more ‘stuff’, go to the movies, date night, etc.

What do you really have to lose?  You get over $150 in products for the $99 you spend to Join.  You probably have candles in your house right now and still buy them right?  Why not invest in Scentsy and save a bunch on your candle expenses while your at it?

All I know is that we were once broke for quite a few years and, if we hadn’t Joined Scentsy, we wouldn’t have earned a trip to Hawaii (all expenses paid), a trip to Disney World for our entire family in June 2011 and make enough money to afford to pay off all our bills and have Shawn, my husband, work from home with me if he wants.

Our financial situation has completely changed because we took a chance and stopped the ‘insanity’.

For more information about Joining Scentsy, please visit us online at online anytime!

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