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Show your Scentsy Patriotism!

This month, Scentsy has (for the first time ever) introduced 2 Warmers as the Monthly Special. Now that Scentsy Candle Warmers are available internationally (now in Germany and the United Kingdom) and the United States Independence day is in July, it only makes scents (love play on words!) to offer these super cute and stylish warmers:

Scentsy Warmers for June 2011
Special Scentsy Warmers for June 2011

Star Spangled Warmer for the USA

Good old American pride—there’s simply nothing like it! Share your love of country with Star Spangled, a whimsical representation of our nation’s flag. This bold red, white, and blue warmer features a unique five-pointed star base and matching dish. The perfect accent to your summer holiday decorations, display it proudly this Independence Day and whenever your heart swells with patriotic pride.

O’Canada Warmer for (yup) Canadians

Share your love of country with O’ Canada, a dramatic representation of the Canadian flag. This bold, heritage-red warmer features a debossed maple leaf on the base, accented by a stripe of white. And don’t miss the matching peek-a-boo leaf in the dish! The perfect accent to your summer holiday decorations, display it proudly this Canada Day!

My thoughts on these Special Scentsy Warmers

Honestly, I like the O’Canada warmer better. While the Star Spangled warmer is pretty, I already have Scentsy warmers from last years Liberty Warmer and the Candy Shoppe (Red & White stripes) with a Blue Star topped dish that together was called the Freedom Warmer (see picture below) that I just don’t need another one.

Scentsy’s Freedom Candle Warmer

While I think that the Star Spangled is cool because of it’s Star shape I wish I was either a crazy hockey fan, Canadian or had a Nautical Red & While theme happening in my home because the O’Canada warmer is so pretty! Whichever warmer you prefer (get em both even!), they are available for 10% off this month but will be available until August unless they are included in the new Fall/Winter Catalog coming out September 1st 2011.

Get your Scentsy Candle Warmers and Fragrances on the Go today online at www.TheSafestCandles.com. Feel free to call or email us anytime for special deals!

Shawn & Wendy Robinson
Scentsy Independent Directors

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