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Before you scroll down… See how we’ve Made Money with Scentsy.  Watch Our Story.  If you need more convincing that you can not only make money with Scentsy but that it’s a great opportunity that can be LIFE CHANGING … then go ahead, keep reading.

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Is Scentsy a Legit Business Opportunity?

I see people write about this question online all the time! There are generally 3 types of people writing about this topic

  1. Scentsy Consultants who are trying to get you to join their Scentsy Team
  2. People who are marketing some other sort of product that generates online leads, calls, other opportunities, etc.  They are just using the name ‘Scentsy‘ to lure you into reading their posts.
  3. The occasional article from a Newspaper or journalist who has nothing to gain from writing a positive or negative article.

We are consultants and I write posts like this so YOU can find us online, read it and decide that you want to do business with us.  There is no reason for any consultant to write blog posts other than this.

Of course I’m going to tell you that Scentsy is a great work at home business opportunity – it really is.  I will also add that we make Money with Scentsy.  We are also top Recruiters (in the top 20 of all Scentsy Consultants – over 160,000) with Scentsy Family which is where you really grow your business and make money.

I’ve never come across a consultant, who is no longer with Scentsy, who thinks it’s a scam, pyramid scheme, a waste of money, etc.  They are usually no longer consultants just because they never did anything with their business.  Things like – not telling anyone they had a business, give out samples or catalogs, have a single party, etc.  Sometimes they just didn’t realize that they had to work their business like a business.   They are still customers and love their Scentsy Candle Warmers

What makes a “Legit” business opportunity?

Truly… the Legit part comes from your own experience, doesn’t it? Take, for example, other opportunities.  Every opportunity has successful people in it as well as those unsuccessful.  I mean, if you’ve paid $149 to join a Direct Sales business opportunity with another company and didn’t get training from your Upline; had to pay for auto-ship products in order to keep your contract; had steep sales and/or recruiting requirements; had to go to meetings all the time; dealt with saturation and dislike for the product, etc. would you feel good about representing it?  If you had this kind of experience then you probably felt like you were ‘scammed’.  When someone has a good experience with a Direct Sales Opportunity then they defend it right?

I think the reason that Scentsy doesn’t have a bad rap is because:

  1. The price to Join is $99 ($119 in Canada). It’s not a lot and, while you do get a lot of business supplies in your kit, the cost of the Products you get in your kit are valued at more than $150!  So, even if you don’t ‘work’ your business, you already received a huge value!
  2. No auto-ship requirements or personal monthly purchase quotas to stay active.  Basically, you don’t need to buy a stock of products to be successful.  In fact, keeping it simple and just bringing what comes in your Start-up Kit to your Parties can be even better!  While you do need to sell $150 in a single month during any 3 month period…anyone working their business very part-time can meet this goal.
  3. Monthly website fee of $10 a month – only if you want a site! There are many consultants who choose to not have a Scentsy website.  You don’t need one to have parties however, no one can buy from you online when you do have parties and you cannot Recruit or build a team without a website as this is the only way anyone can Join!  You can enter in all of your party orders via your back office workstation which is free.  I think that $10 a month is a very worthwhile fee to pay.
  4. It’s just candles! I mean, who doesn’t know what candles are?  Who wants to take a vitamin supplement from someone they just met?  How about adult toys…how do you approach someone about that?  Special drinks, jewelry, kitchenware, etc.   Everyone has a candle!  Everyone knows what a candle is!  No one will turn down taking a free sample of our Scented Candles!  You can show everyone in the entire family Scentsy – Men, Women and Children. Granted, we have many products that are ‘Scent’ or ‘Fragrance’ related but the core of our company is Wax and Warmers.
  5. It’s Safe.  No flames! Also, have you ever wondered – where does the wax go?  With traditional candles the wax evaporates – as does the scent.  Where does it all go?  Into the air we breathe!  With Scentsy, only the scent evaporates…not the wax, so we aren’t breathing in toxic chemicals.

How do you Make Money with Scentsy?

Lots of ways!  You can pick what parts of the business you like, are good at, how much time you want to spend on your business, etc.  We make our money from organic marketing online which drives customers to our website to Buy Scentsy and to Join.  I send out Basket Parties to customers and others wanting to get some free and discounted products.  We build and train a team of consultants!  Truly, this is where most of our money is made.

Some Consultants like doing Fairs and Shows (4% of all Scentsy business).   We’ve done Bazaars and Girls Night Out (GNO’s) at peoples homes with multiple vendors which is a fun way to network while selling your on hand products.   Doing Fairs and Shows can cost more initially because you usually need to ‘show or sell’ a lot more product on hand.

I like doing Scentsy Fundraisers.  While you give your commissions away for a good cause, you do get to give back (which I love) and you can use the Hostess Rewards for the Fundraiser participants or keep them for yourself to gain a stock that you can sell, lend out or use for your personal use.

Of course, you can party until the cows come home but if you recruit, you are going to make small overrides off of what each of your downline sells.  Think like a Real Estate Broker.  They could just sell houses themselves and make a large commission on each home or…  bring on a bunch of Realtors, have them work and sell homes and then take your small cut from each of their sales.  This adds up to way more money in the Brokers pocket and…they have more time to do whatever they want to do.  They can always sell homes themselves too…they’d be stupid not to, but growing a team under them is how to build Wealth!

*Remember, any business has general business expenses so please make sure to set aside a % of your Commissions each month to put back into your business for supplies, marketing, etc.

Return on Investment

Just having one average party of $400-600 will pay you back the cost of joining Scentsy in commissions – Really! Most people make money hosting Scentsy Parties. This is where 90% of all Scentsy business comes from. Party, Party, Party! If you are going to bother joining Scentsy then you need to have at least one party – your Grand Opening party that is! Our goal is to always have our consultants make their initial investment back right away.

Also, take into consideration how much money you and your friends spend on Candles each year.  You can save a ton of money just by Joining Scentsy.  You can use a single warmer for the entire year (and much longer) and just scrape out wax from each of your 80+ Party Tester jars.

Join Scentsy Today and we’ll teach you how to Make Money!

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  • Theresa

    Lisa – I actually have Social Anxiety Disorder, and I joined! At my launch party, I invited friends and family and it made me a lot more comfortable. Now, I feel a lot better talking to strangers and doing parties with hosts I don’t really know. You can do it!! 🙂

  • Missy

    I am having trouble finding customers to sell to . I have left books in places and business cards. I have a party scheduled on the 30 and as of now 1 person and a friend is coming. Help need ideas how to find them, I have left things at work also.

  • Ashlee

    I just have to say I love Scentsy. I never thought I would sell, but a friend of mine talked me into it. I haven’t had a launch party yet, but within the first two weeks I have already made enough to cover the starter kit cost and then some. One thing I noticed is you have to be super excited about what your doing, I hate talking to people … I am very shy BUT the beauty is getting your friends to spread the word for you. My BFF has helped so much in this department… she has helped me get her office to promote my business and allows me to set up a “Scentsy station” to put my catalogs and business cards. Within her office, each coworker tells people they know, and those people tell their friends.. so on and so forth. Facebook is another good way to spread the word. Post everyday!! Maybe start a count down, create a FB event invite! There are so many ways to get the word out about your business, and your party 🙂

  • candee

    hey i have a ? if someone signs up under you what money do you make off your team member or how does that work i want to know everything before i sign up thanks

  • sandy

    Just started selling, and I must be overlooking it, but when do you get the money on your pay portal card from what you sell

  • Natalie

    I have been looking for something to do and how to make money while doing it. A few people have told me about Scentsy and I have been thinking about it. I just dont know if it is worth doing.

  • Jessica

    I’ve been a part of Scentsy for two and a half months now, and I’ve only made three sales, apart from myself.
    I advertise, and leave catalogues, and throw parties (only one person cam to my last one) yet no one is interested! What can I do to really hook people? I find it difficult because it’s as if there are more consultants than customers!

  • uli

    I work in a hotel/convention center. I signed up with scentsy after i ran into it at a home show in a convention hall. Within 2 months I reached certified consultant just with friends/family/coworkers and friends of friends. I hate home parties! can’t stand the chitter chatter and flash in the pan fake energy that goes around there. I also can’t stand dragging inventory around and schlepping purple bags to home parties. Top recruiters do just that – they recruit and you do the schlepping. There is no money to be made otherwise. The average Sales Rep sells about 200bux a month. Any recruiter isn’t sharing the product with you – they are manipulating you to invest. When you don’t perform, they stop backing you! That’s all. If you like the product just buy into it and don’t worry about sales. You got your money’s worth with the initial starter kit.

  • uli

    to wendy: I have worked conventions like scentsy – I see the recruiters in public and after the shows. It’s like a 360degree turn of what you represent in public and what happens after the conventions are over. People would be more impressed if recruiters would stop hyping up the product and be more realistic and transparent with what is actually sold by the average rep but then, u wouldn’t be having a full time job.. it’s not about the product, it really is a good seller – it’s about unrealistic expectations and not telling your ‘sales rep’ that he/she should be recruiting right away instead of selling. I did my homework on direct sales – in order to be fair, pls tell your reps what is involved to just be an average rep.

    • Hi Uli,
      It sounds like you personally had a negative experience with your personal Sponsor and upline. While I definitely can understand how you feel my first question to you would be…. Why did you join a Party Plan company if you don’t like any of the aspects involved with hosting a party? Do you know that the most successful consultants recruit from the parties they host. Also, since you are in the Convention/Hotel industry I’d also like to ask if you interviewed a few sponsors. Joining any party plan, DS or MLM is a business decision. As such, we always tell potential recruits to call some other consultants and find out if they are a good fit for one another prior to joining because once you join…you can’t change sponsors. RECRUITING is the key to success with any of these types of companies. Any opportunity is what you make it. Instead of looking at your sponsor or the company as the reason you did not succeed…you need to look at what you personal did and didn’t do to add to your success. Did you market yourself outside of your family and friends? Did you listen to the corporate weekly trainings? If you didn’t like parties did you try and educate yourself about how to use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogging, etc. as a tool to help grow you business? People think that just by purchasing a Starter Kit from Scentsy and other companies, that this will make them successful. FALSE. You have to use the skills you personally have and apply them to the parts of the business that appeal to you the most and work regularly. Most consultants work very part time. We work our business full time because we personally busted our butts having parties (mostly basket parties), building a website for ourselves and marketing it (organically…no money paid for advertising), blogging, recruiting, training our team, having fundraisers, going to bazaars, etc. We were beyond broke and had no money to invest in our business…ZERO. We even had to go to the library for over a month for heat, power to run our laptops and use their internet since our heat had been turned off as well as our internet. I don’t like parties personally (but my husband does) so I use my personal skill set and learned skills to work the parts of the Scentsy business that I enjoy and am good at.

      ALSO, joining Scentsy is ENTIRELY ABOUT THE PRODUCT! Why join any DS or MLM unless you love the product. If you don’t love it, use it, share it, love to sell it how in the world are you going to be successful? You’ll do things half assed. The only way I make any money from our team is if they sell products and teach their teams how to sell as well…whether at parties, basket parties, shows/fairs, fundraising, taking individuals orders from family, friends & aquaintances, setting up displays in public places, and more. Selling and introducing the product is the best way to make people fall in love with the product and then…Join! Again, I’m sorry that you have a bad taste in your mouth but every business like Nordstroms, Costco, Fred Meyers, Insurance Company, etc. will have disgruntled employees, Great and happy employees, Some who excel, some average and those who perform poorly for whatever reason. There are also Excellent bosses and bosses you can’t stand or who suck! The same holds true for Scentsy and other Party Plan businesses – there’s always going some without vision, good training and who are out for themselves. We’ve been with Scentsy for over 3yrs and I’ve never worked with a company with more heart, care for their people, training for their staff and consultants and good intent. I hope that if you are looking for an opportunity in the future you find some product to represent that you LOVE and work hard to make something for yourself because no one will do it for you! Wendy

  • Kemarie

    Hi I’ve been with scentsy now for about five months. Me myself love scentsy, my husband and my kids. I have a scentsy warmer in each room of my house. I have not had a party but I’ve been selling whenever I have company. They will ask what the smell is or what do I use. So its not hard at all. These people tell their friends and they tell there friends. So its as simple as that!

    • Hi Sandy, Thanks for your comment. No, you cannot sell Scentsy products in a retail environment as our Corporate office does not give their approval for retail sale and their legal department would be forced to pursue methods to have you remove their products. Now, you CAN JOIN, put up a display in your Boutique and then take orders that you can ship to your customers. I’d be very happy to talk to you more and answer any questions you might have. Wendy – 425-442-0909

  • Maria Peterson

    I love selling Scentsy. I started selling it a little over 3 months ago and qualified for the level 2. It has been a challenge and lot’s of hard work but fun too. I definately recommend when siging up to get a GREAT SPONSOR that helps you along the way to be successful

    • Hi Sammantha. That’s a great question, one of the most important in fact. You need to email or call your potential Sponsor and ‘interview’ them. See if they answer your call/email in a timely manner or if they answer your call. Do you like their personality? Do they sound knowledgeable? Do they work their business or are they a hobbyist? Lastly, will they help Mentor you to run your business the way YOU want or the way THEY think you should do it? We are all Independent Consultants and should all work our businesses the way we want. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions you might have and even – Interview us! 425-442-0909

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    Hey there, You have done an incredible job.

    I’ll certainly digg it and personally suggest to my friends. I’m sure they’ll be benefited from this site.

  • Stefani

    I signed up for scentsy about 2 weeks ago. My sponsor does online fb parties. She has friends do fb parties by creating an event and putting a link to her website and the guests go order! Pretty easy. I’ve sold tons doing this already! It’s easy. You just put it in as a basket party. I enter peoples orders myself so they can get free shipping if it qualifies and then deliver if it’s local. Does anyone else do this? I find people are more likely to host an online fb party than one at their home. It’s super easy!

    • Hi Stefani,

      Congratulations! We built our business by building an online presence but mostly, in the beginning, it was all about Basket parties mailed out…and online parties that we listed as Basket parties. This is a very common practice and we’re glad you’re having success with it. Wendy

        • Admin

          Hi Tamika, I’ve tried emailing you but it keeps coming back as being a wrong email. I hope you get this. Feel free to call me at 425-442-0909 anytime.

  • Purple Diamond

    Hi im a new consultant (a lil over a month) i was wondering if you had any advice on how to get people interested in buying the product & to book a party. I had my Launch party this month & 15 people came but no one wanted to book a party not even a basket/pouch party. I dont know what or if im doing anything wrong.

    • Hi Aja,

      Congratulations. Have you talked to your Sponsor (the person you joined under) or your Upline Director? I ask because that’s who you first need to go to for help and advice. They are your upline for a reason and your Director and SuperStar Directors are there to direct you. If you aren’t sure who to contact you can call Consultant SUpport at 877-855-0617 anytime. You can also see your upline by logging into your workstation. Their information is on your main home screen. I hope this helps.


  • Purple Diamond

    @Stefani that is an awesome idea i’ve been wanting to try a FB online party but really not sure how to do it. It sounds pretty simple tho

  • Julian

    Hi Wendy!
    I have been debating whether or not I want to be a Scentsy Consultant. I have been told I should because I would make money and I have been told no because there are already so many people doing it. Please tell me what you think. Thank you!

    • Hi Julian,

      Great question! Well, there are over 300 Million people in the US and 34 Million people in Canada. There are less than 180,000 Scentsy Consultants! Do you think that there are too many of us? Let’s take this number and see how many customers there are for all 180k consultants…if they were actively working their businesses. That’s 1855 potential Customers and Recruits available for EVERY consultant. We’re not even adding in our European possibilities and future opening in other countries. Please feel free to give me a call or email to chat more! I’m here for ya. Wendy 425-442-0909

  • Angelica

    Hello. I was looking into ways to make a little extra money and I came across Scentsy. I like the sound of fb online parties, but not sure exactly how I would get started with that, and if it will be profitable and successful in the end.

  • Savanah

    If I were to join Scentsy would I be able to sell Scentsy products at a local craft show? They have it yearly and you can rent space for a booth. Would I be allowed to take stock of products I purchased and sell them or would I only be able to take orders and have them shipped to the customer? Thank you so much!!

    • Admin

      Hi Savanah. Great question. You could sell at Craft Shows for sure!!!! As long as the show was not in a retail space (we can talk over rules and such) then you could absolutely have stock on hand to sell. I’d love to answer any other questions you have. Wendy

  • Sarah


    My mom has her own business selling clothing and I know she loves what she does. I was wondering if becoming an independent consultant would help me later on in life too with owning/running my own business. I will be 18 in October (probably the only reason I haven’t started selling yet) and I also have a baby on the way. I quit my job a few weeks ago because of this. I need something that will be easy to do from home and not require tons of driving and such. So I guess my question is, do you think this is for me? I definitely get motivated and feel like this could be something that would support me financially if I do it right, but being this young also makes me question if I would be successful with Scentsy. Thanks in advance for help & suggestions!

  • Johanna

    Wendy, I have been throwing the idea of selling Scentsy in my head for awhile now. After reading the above question and your responses, I believe I have decided to take the dive. Your passion for this product is certainly one I can respect and share. Thank you again for all your honesty and passion, in helping me make this an easier decision.


  • JenaLee

    Okay I am wanting to know how I have to pay for everything. Do I have to front the money and then get reimbursed like selling Mary Kay? Because that would be no Bueno! This is the only thing holding me back from selling as I do not have a credit card…. Can anyone help me out on the details on how this part of the business works please?

    • Admin

      Hi JenaLee,
      Great question. NEVER FRONT MONEY. I don’t. There’s nothing worse than trying to be a bill collector for your customers. Just like all customers pay for merchandise they order online, they pay for it first (whether by giving you cash or credit card info or Checks – if you choose to accept them) and then place their orders. I can help you with all the ins and outs of your business. Feel free to email or call me with any questions you have. 425-442-0909

  • Jessica

    I recently moved and don’t know anyone here, I want to sell Scentsy but not sure how to get started without knowing anyone in order to have a party. Any suggestions?

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