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You’re gonna love this one

Our Garbage Disposal broke last week. We got a new one and had some the guys from GMAC Construction come over to install it for us. Now, anytime I know that someone is coming over to our house I ALWAYS make sure that I put some fresh Scentsy in my warmers so I picked “Sugar Cookie”.

They were supposed to come between 9am and 11am on Monday morning but I wasn’t prepared for them to arrive at 8:45…when did contractors arrive early? 😉 Anyway, I hadn’t put my Wax in yet… So, I discreetly popped out little chunks to put in my Bathroom Nightlight and in my Gingerbread and Menorah warmers (yes, I celebrate Hanukah and Christmas!).

About 10 minutes later one of the guys asks if he can use our restroom. A few moments later he came out laughing! He said, “You’re never gonna believe this but when I was going to the bathroom all I could think about was Chocolate Cake!” I laughed too and told him that I had a candle company and the scent I had on was Sugar Cookie. He actually argued with me that it had to be Chocolate Cake…so, I whipped out my candle bar to show him.

Then, we had a great conversation about how his mom is from the South and she makes the best baked goods…better than anything in a store or restaurant around here! He said that he always buys her candles that smell like pecans, pies, cakes, etc. He was reminicing about his mom and the holidays…all because of our Scentsy Candle in the bathroom!

I already had my 2 catalogs with samples of “Blueberry Cheesecake” to give they guys. After my buddy handed me the invoice to sign I gave him the samples and catalogs and he said that I made his day! He loves candles and food scents and thanked me!

Scentsy is so much fun to show people! My favorite part of introducing it is the conversations that are sparked by the different memories each scent reminds people of.  This guy got the biggest kick out of using our bathroom because he thought he was going crazy smelling chocolate cake in the ‘john’ of all places!  To be honest, he really made my day!

Enjoy your Scentsy!

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  • Syah H.

    Aw! That is a really cool story! Made me smile & chuckle. I can just picture a guy using the bathroom & going “why am i smelling cake?!” lol And that is so true about scents evoking memories.

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