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Have YOU ever thought about starting your own Scentsy Business?  Why not Join Scentsy and have US Mentor you?

Who are WE?  Why should you Join our Team?  You can Read our Story and learn about our Scentsy Journey.

What we’d really love is to work closely with 1 New Scentsy Consultant from every country we’re open in:  Australia, Mexico, Poland, Ireland, the UK, Canada & the United States. And we’re opening in more countries soon!  My summer is wide open to spend training YOU!

Change your life today!

I am looking for a handful of people who want a Scentsy Mentor and want to Join our Team.  I’m not just talking about someone who is looking for a fun hobby or something to do to make a little extra money each month. I’m looking for people who want what Shawn and I have built for ourselves.  Do you want any or all of the following or see yourself as…

  • Work at Home Parent(s)
  • Fully supported financially by your Scentsy Family Business
  • Entrepreneur(s) who want more for yourself and children’s futures
  • Want to travel all-expense paid and see the world
  • Help others realize their potential and dreams/goals
  • Surround yourself with other like minded individuals who are taking control of their lives and dreams instead of working for others
  • Time freedom to actually raise your kids and be actively involved in their days and nights
  • Retire yourself and your spouse from your jobs

Which one of these goals is the most important to you? 

It’s changed for us over the years.  At first it was just Financial freedom as we were in a huge pit filled with collectors, turned off heat and a repo’d car and a loss of our life savings and business.  We honestly never thought this cute little candle business would turn into the best business decision we could ever have made.  The Scentsy Opportunity has completely changed our lives.

After we dug ourselves out of that money pit our goal turned to Earning Trips and Retiring Shawn from his job.  Well, we’ve earned 6 All-Expense paid trips and Shawn quit his job of 16yrs – two years ago.  We just returned from a trip to Greece and Italy – our first European adventure.

Shawn & I were 1 of the TOP 100 Trip Earners in all of Scentsy!  Did you know that there are over 160k Scentsy Family Consultants worldwide yet we are just beginning to build outside of North America?  Scentsy is a very young company at only 10yrs old but we’re a very solid company and there’s never been a better time to Join and build your dreams.

We’ve been focused on Helping others reach their goals and dreams and raising our kids.  We’ve helped 38 Consultants earn trips to Greece and Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas this year with 35 of them leaving this weekend for the Bahamas with their Spouses/friends or other family members in tow.

I can honestly tell you that hearing our Team members tell us about how excited they are to take their first airplane, get their passport and even take their belated honeymoon is more important to us than the trips we earned for ourselves.  Having our Team members call us up at Midnight, crying from excitement, when they found out they earned these trips – was so overwhelming for us.  I honestly can’t express how this felt.

What’s even more exciting is knowing that because we are focused on our Team they are able to reach for their goals and dreams.  I LOVE getting to know them, their hopes and goals, what’s going on in their lives and giving both comfort and a good swift kick in the butt when needed – and I want to help more people.

So, here’s where YOU come in!

Do YOU want US to mentor you?  We are SuperStar Directors, at the top of the company and we have a lot of time to devote to helping YOU.

We know what it takes to build a successful business.  We know how to host Home Parties, Basket Parties, Fundraisers, Vendor Events, Fairs & Shows, Online Marketing and Branding ourselves.  We’ve spoken at Scentsy Family Events and were asked yesterday to help train at our Convention (which is called our Scentsy Family Reunion) in July.

I’m asking you to take advantage of US to get ahead.  WE want YOU!

The question is… Are you Ready for Success?

JOIN SCENTSY TODAY – and let’s start working on making YOUR Dreams and Goals a reality!

Shawn and I on the bus in Greece
Shawn and I in Greece from our 6th Trip


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