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Scents Evoke Memories

When I smell something, whether it’s a good or bad scent, it can and will evoke memories. We all do this! When I smell baby powder I think of babies and how good they smell when they’re little. When I smell Vanilla I get hungry for dessert. Then, there are icky scents like – when you turn on your backyard hose after sitting out in the sun and, it smells nasty…like hot rubber?  This is what our Leather Scent smells like to me. Or when your 9yr old son decides to wear the same socks 2 days in a row during soccer season and takes his shoes off in the car…That’s what Peligro reminded me of! While I’ve had positive and negative memories of certain scents, I love, with Scentsy, that I get to hear what other people think of scents at parties! I love hearing all the differing opinions. Some people have LOVED Leather and Peligro while very much disliking Sugar Cookie and Coconut Lemongrass – which I love!

My Opinions on our New Product Line of Scentsy Scents out March 1st

I find that most of Scentsy’s Scents smell the same in their container as they do when in our Candle Warmers.  These opinions are solely based on the scent in their containers since I haven’t warmed all of them yet.  You can click on any of their links and then the individual bar…to find out the Scentsy Official description of these scents

  • Newborn Nursery – while it does smell like Baby Powder and is very easily recognizable, I would never use this scent in a Candle Warmer.  If I had small children still I probably would but now that they are older I don’t want my entire house smelling like a Nursery.
  • Honey, Do! – I agree with Scentsy description completely.  Lush, ripe honeydew melon and cantaloupe and a hint of garden mint!  Have you smelled it and have a different opinion?
  • Cherry Limeade – This scent has been brought back from our 2010 Spring/Summer Collection.  I always liked it but most people at parties I hosted didn’t car for it.  It reminds me of a tart juice.  Not necessarily Cherry but I can definitely smell the Lime.
  • Shades of Green – this is our Scent of the Month for February and it’s supposed to smell of Grass & Clover – Green, Sunny and Happy!  I agree with the description but also feel like I can smell a touch of mint in there too…  I think I can also smell the ‘sun’ in this scent  – how is this possible?
  • Embers – Was December’s Scent of the Month.  I LOVE this scent.  I have a brick of it and I use it on cold days.  It has a clean scent to it while also smelling ‘warm’ like a cabin in the woods on a winter day!  My feeling is a bit different than Scenty’s description
  • Love Story – I really like this scent although I don’t know what it smells like in a candle warmer.  I can smell the Jasmine and it smells sweet but I don’t really smell the chocolate in it.  Perhaps it comes out when warmed.
  • Cranberry Muffin – My daughter and I think this one is stinky but even stinkier when warmed.  She feels like the vanilla is overpowering in this one.  I have to agree.  Some people LOVE it though so make your own opinion.
  • Surfer Chick – this one reminds me of You go Girl!  I like it but don’t know if I can separate the scents that are in it.  I can smell the Blackberries however…it’s a sweet and girly scent!
  • Sugar – this seems to be a favorite with everyone but every other season Scentsy Discontinues it and then brings it back.  I think it smells like sugar with a light cotton candy tone…
  • Mums & Marigolds – Flowery scents are not my favorite but this one is okay.  It smells sweet and summery but not super strong.  I can definitely smell the Marigold in it.
  • Faerie Blossom – smells very fruity to me.  I can smell the lotus and violets in it but am not sure what Lychee Fruit smells like so I’m going to have to take Scentsy’s word on it!  I like this one.  It’s light, not too strong yet I feel like it would make a great lip balm flavor
  • Sharp-Dressed Man – I’m not really sure that I can pick out any of the Grapefruit, Lemon, Eucalyptus and Basil scents  in this.  I can say that it is a fresh manly scent…perhaps a right out of the shower scent if you will.  I like it!
  • Go-Go-Goji – This is also a fruity scent.  I don’t particularly care for it when warmed but we had great sales with it in last Spring’s collection so they brought it back.  I think it smells like a mixture of Cherry Limeade and Faerie Blossom.
  • Oats & Honey – Truly, this is my favorite new scent!  It smells just like Quaker Oats Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal!  I want to eat it, that’s how good it smells to me.
  • Pomatini – Yuck!  I don’t like this one at all.  It’s supposed to be a blend of Pomegranate, grapefruit, soda bubbles and fresh berries but I just think it smells bad.  Let me know if you disagree!
  • Rio Beach – I can totally smell the Coconut Milk in this one.  I’ve never been to Rio but…if it smells like this then get me a ticket!
  • Groovy Grapefruit – There is a distinct Grapefruit aftertaste to this scent.  When I first take a whiff I don’t smell the grapefruit right away.  It also smells very spa like, to me, and am not a huge fan of this one even though I really like citrus scents.
  • Tea Party – I think that it does smell like a fruity Tea.  The description says there is Melon, Quince (an asian fruit tree related to the apple and pear), chamomile with black and white tea.   I’m sure that the Quince and Melon is the fruit I’m smelling.   It’s a nice and light scent and I like it!
  • My Wish – was the Scent of the Month for January.  It smells like marshmallows even more when warmed.  My kids really like this one.  I think I like anything with violets in it even though I’m not a huge flowery scent fan.
  • Red Candy Apple – this one smells exactly like it’s name with both the initial and after scent!  I’m thinking of the state fair right now!
  • Forever Pink – I think that this one smells like You Go, Girl! too.  I think it reminds me of a girls perfume.  I think it smells like what ‘pretty’ should smell like.
  • Route 66 – smells like a man.  I don’t care what scents were used to make it but I just smell ‘great smelling guy’.  That would actually be a really good name for it!
  • Cocoa Clementine – smells just like those orange flavored chocolates.  I can’t stand the way they taste but the scent is really good!  Our kids really like this one.  I’m still deciding on whether or not I like this scent for my home.  I like a quick whiff but perhaps not more than that.
  • Wishing Well – I smell the Hyacinth in this one but again, the Spa scents aren’t really my favorites but…I do like this one more than many of the others in this category.
  • Luna – This one is really sweet and fresh smelling.  It’s part of our Romance collection and I can see why.  I would definitely warm this one in my bedroom.  It’s relaxing (due in part to the Jasmine I think) and light!

Check out these scents for yourself starting March 1st 2011 Online at


  • Doris Purcell

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on the new scents. Your opinion and honesty helped me with a few I was unsure about from the description. Oats & Honey is one I was unsure about and when you said it smells like Quaker Maple & Brown Sugar I was sold, I love that smell! Route 66 was another, your description was awesome. Sold on that one too! Can’t wait to try several of these. Thanks again for your help! 🙂

  • Syah H.

    I love that you are so honest about some of the scents stinking! When my Hubby & I smelled some testers we both wrinkled our noses at a few of them. I really like Jumpin Jelly beans, Cherry Limeade, & GO-GO-Goji. I can’t wait to try Honey Do, & now (thanks to your descriptions) Route 66 & Shades of Green.

  • Cara Schneider

    I really do appreciate a real persons description of the scents. The catalog has a funny way of making them ALL smell awesome, BUT, I dont love them all. I can tell you though, that Newborn Nursery is GREAT in small quantities. My mom leaves one cube in the nightlight all the time and even when all the other warmers are off, the aroma is soft enough when it drifts through the whole house to be welcoming without being overpowering and making the whole house smell like baby powder. It kinda just makes everything smell clean. (Like I said though, she only uses a little 🙂 )

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