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The results are in!

I have smelled, repeatedly, the New and Returning Scents from our Scentsy Fall / Winter Catalog 2011 and I have some strong opinions on a few. Most of them smell great but the ones that I think are stinky…I’ll give you my Hubby’s review so you don’t pass over these scents strictly on my bias!

The list of Scentsy’s New and Returning Fragrances are not in any particular order. I will tell you that I tend to personally prefer the Foodie scents this time of year and anything that smells like the Holiday. Keep that in mind when using my opinion to help make your selections.  This season we have 7 Collections to choose from:  Scentsy Favorites, Fall & Winter, Corner Cafe, Scentsy Man, Romance, Spa & Seven Seas.

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Scentsy’s Fall & Winter New & Returning Scentsy 2011:

  • Snowberry: This is a Returning Scent and in years past…has never been a scent I cared for. Not that it smelled bad or anything but it just never stood out to me. Maybe I’m maturing (probably not the case) but I kind of like it this time. It smells Holidayish (I know this isn’t a real word) and does have a nice minty and fruity smell to it.
  • Silver Bells: This was a Scent of the Month previously and it’s my Mom’s FAVORITE – period!  I had to give her a brick of it so she’d stop pestering me about when it’d be a returning scent.  To me, it smells like a cold, crisp winter day.  The description of this one states that it has minty candy canes, winter pear, caramel and vanilla sugar so if you like these scents…you’ll love Silver Bells!
  • Christmas Cottage:  One of our Top Sellers last year!  This is a cinnamony scent with some fruity notes!  I liken it to Trident Cinnamon Gum.  Smells just like it to me!
  • Black Ruby: is a New Scent and smells just like the ingredients.  Juicy Plum & Black Cherry.  I really don’t know what persimmon spells like but that’s in here too along with some vanilla.  You can definitely smell the Cherry and Plum together in this one.  A very nice, warm and inviting fragrance that makes me want to bake a cherry cobbler!
  • Whiteout:  This is a New Scent that is replacing Winter Wonderland – a fall favorite.  I was skeptical, at first, how Peppermint, Pine and…Apple would go together but it’s really nice.  It smells just like Winter Wonderland but now with some sweetness to it.  I think the Teachers in my kids’ school will love this during testing time…  Did you know that Peppermint scents help you focus while testing?  Who knew?
  • Amalfi Coast: Is a New Scent that is part of our new Seven Seas Collection of Scents.  This is a super citrus scent and you can definitely pick out the Grapefruit and Lime in this one!  Fresh and ‘bright’ scent that is great on a beautiful day!  Always a great scent to have in the Kitchen or Wash Room!
  • Duke: The first time I smelled this New scent (part of our Scentsy Man Collection) I couldn’t smell much of anything.  Now, after smelling it a few times I think it smells like a lighter version of Amber Road…one of our Scents of the Month.  It’s a woodsy amber scent with some mahogany and cardamom.  A great scent when you want something fresh, light and woodsy!
  • Hendrix: Okay, I can’t stand this one!  I think it’s smells like a stinky hippie or sweaty rocker!  Shawn thinks that it smells wonderful, in fact…he LOVES this one.  They say that it has patchouli, sandalwood, pink pepper & tobacco flower.  I don’t get it…smells like a locker room!   Maybe that’s why some people like it…just sayin.
  • Be Still: Is a New Scent as part of our Spa Collection.  Such a pretty and sweet scent!  If you like Violet and Mandarin…you’ll love this scent!
  • Festival of Trees: Is a New Scent for Fall/Winter that will replace Christmas Tree.   It still smells like Evergreen Firs but now has a bit more woodsy scent along with a slight citrus note to it.  I’ll be using this one in my warmers the entire month of December for sure since I have a fake Christmas Tree and miss the scent of a real one!
  • Weathered Leather: For those of you who have experienced our discontinued scent, Leather, you will think that this New Scent, part of our Scentsy Man Collection, smells better than it’s predecessor.  While I still think that Leather smells like a hot water hose left out in the sun too long… many of my Texas and Southern customers loved and missed Leather so much that they will be in heaven with this New scent.
  • Central Park Pralines: Is a returning Scent!  It smells just like the description, a decadent confection of rich roasted pecans, buttery caramel and cinnamon sugar.  YUM!
  • Just Breathe: Is currently the Scent of the Month for August and we are so happy that it is included in the Fall/Winter Catalog!  It’s part of our Spa Collection and is a fresh, clean and even relaxing scent.  It has Eucalyptus, Lemon and Mint which make it a great scent to enjoy when you’re feeling blue!  It’ll perk you right up.
  • Peach a la Mode: Is a past Scent of the Month as well.  It truly does smell like it’s name but is a bit too vanilla-ee for my, and my daughter’s, taste.  Small bits of this one are best for our family!  Some of our customers fell in love with this one and swear by it!
  • Eskimo Kiss: Was definitely a fan favorite last year.  It’s a light, sweet scent with blackberry, sugar, vanilla and amber.  It’s a romantic, wintery and clean scent all in one.  Very nice scent and glad it made a return!
  • Titanium: Is a New scent that’s part of our Scentsy Man collection.  Another woodsy scent but with some herbs.  It’s also light and fresh and to me, smells like a really rugged…but clean…guy.
  • Flutter: Was again, a Scent of the Month and part of our Romance Collection.  I love the Orange Blossoms and Almond scent of this one.  My 13yr old daughter wishes it came in a perfume so she could wear it!
  • Quiver: Is another New Scent that’s part of our Romance Collection.  It’s more of a naughtier scent!  It smells seductive and spicy with sandalwood, vanilla and tuberose.  LOVE IT!  It reminds my husband of Taj Mahal (a discontinued scent) that he loved.
  • Cozy Fireside: Is a returning scent and smells just like you’d think.  Cinnamon and Ginger along with a nice fire on a cold day…this is the perfect scent!
  • Amber Road: Again, was a Scent of the Month and now part of our Seven Seas collection.  It is really woodsy and smoky and strong.  It also manages to smell clean!  I don’t use a full cube of this as just a little goes a long way.  Enjoy!
  • Spice Bazaar: Is a New Scent in our Seven Seas collection.  I think it smells like Curry and…I’m not a fan of this spice – at all!  So, you can assume that I won’t be warming this in my house.  The key scents in this one are clove , saffron and dried chilies…  My daughter just told me that it kinda, sorta smells good.
  • Sentimental Cider: A fan favorite from last year.  It smells just like warmed Apple Cider and Cinnamon.  My whole family loves this one!
  • Happy Birthday: Was a Scent of the Month for July.  Have you ever had Baskin Robbins Birthday Cake Ice Cream?  It smells just like that to us!  So yummy but, beware…you’ll be very hungry while this scent is warming!
  • Imperial City. This is a New Scent included in our Seven Seas collection.  It has bergamot, coriander and ginger.  Again, not my favorite type of scent but it doesn’t smell bad either.
  • Pumpkin Roll: One of my all time favorites.  The holidays just wouldn’t be the same without this scent – especially around Thanksgiving.  It smells like the best pumpkin pie you could imagine!  So delicious!
  • Vanilla Suede: Was a Scent of the month last year.  A lot of our customers cried for this one being discontinued this past season.  this is a really strong vanilla, sandalwood and masculine scent.  It’s part of our Scentsy Man Collection.

My Opinion and Summary

I’m pretty happy with the scents that are both New and Returning for our Fall/Winter Season.  There are only a couple of ‘misses’ for me so, out of 26 scents I’d have to say ‘Well Done Scentsy!’

Don’t forget that we have Scents that are being Discontinued at the end of August.  After the 31st you WILL NOT be able to get these scents again.  Check our our Discontinued Scents page to get yours today.

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