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A BIG Welcome back to Michelle B.

Michelle Joined Scentsy last Spring under another consultant in her local area in Fairfield, CA.  She originally Joined because she loved the product but ended up letting her business contract cancel because she wanted to support another friend in her network.

Over the past year Michelle realized that she was spending a lot of money on her own Scentsy habit and…she also wanted to raise money for the non-profit animal shelter she is passionate about.  Over the past year she’d coordinated Vendors from many Direct Sales companies for fundraisers.  Michelle felt that she could really push a Scentsy business to make more for her non-profit if marketed properly.  So…Michelle scoured the Web looking for consultants to sign up under who could help her reach her fund-raising goals.

She found quite a few consultants and read their ‘About Us‘ pages to find out more about them.  Eventually Michelle found us.  She read our Scentsy story and decided to email us and hoped that it wouldn’t take 2-3 days for us to get back to her.  I called her within a couple of hours of receiving her email.  She was surprised to say the least!

We had a great chat and Michelle decided to Join under us but, there was one little problem…she’d been a consultant before!  We had to clear her Social Security information from Scentsy Corporate’s database.  I walked her through the process and we even made a 3-way call to Scentsy Support to answer some questions.  Michelle was cleared and ready to re-join Scentsy on Monday.

We are both very excited to welcome Michelle to our team and can’t wait to help her raise a ton of money for her Animal Shelter!

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in Joining Scentsy, Buying Scentsy or hosting a Fundraiser!


  • Johanna Murphy

    I have a question. I live in NH but my niece that I want to buy for lives in Dixon CA. She stays with my mom in Fairfield quite a bit so the item could be delivered there. So my question is: do you deliver? I would not be buying it until May and it is the University of Alabama warmer. Do you have a website I can order from? Would it ship to her if I did that?
    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Johanna,

      Great question! Scentsy can be purchased online in the US & Canada – even in Europe. You can place an order with us over the phone and take advantage of our customer special (you have to contact us to find out what it is) or just order online at and everything will be delivered to whatever address you want via UPS. We’ll send you your Tracking # so you can see when it’ll be delivered. You can order through any consultant but…Shawn & I offer excellent customer service. 😉

      Let me know if you have any questions! 425-442-0909 /


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