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No more Using Scentsy Room Spray – as Perfume!

As hard to believe as it is, people have actually been spraying their clothing and bodies with our Scentsy Room Spray which is Not a very good idea seeing as though it can irritate your skin and ruin your clothes! No worries though, Scentsy has come up with a NEW! Scentsy Solid Perfume line that will not only make you smell like your favorite Scented Candle Scents but…leaves your skin feeling silky smooth! BUY TODAY!

Introducing Scentsy’s fresh twist on fine fragrance. Enjoy our most beautiful scents, reformulated as fine-fragrance perfumes that work with body chemistry to create a captivating Scentsy experience that is uniquely yours.

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New for our Fall/Winter Scentsy Catalog! Each 14oz. Solid Perfume is $18. I keep one in my purse, have another on my desk and my Husband keeps Simply Irresistible in his car! We’d say that Simply Irresistible is a Unisex fragrance as both men and women seem to love it…so does my 9yr old Son! My favorites are Satin Sheets and My Wish while my 13yr old Daughter has taken Enchanted Mist as her own! Love Story smells good but it seems to appeal more to the Teen sect…from our current experience.  Another great thing is that I can take them on an Airplane! No worrying about fitting my liquid perfumes all into a baggie for my Carry ons! I’ve found that the perfumes are long lasting as well!BUY Yours Today!

Scentsy – The Safest Candles!


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