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Top 10 Scentsy Candle Warmer Gift Ideas

Do you always struggle with unique gift ideas that are not only going to ‘wow’ but also work within your budget? How about finding that gift for the girl/guy who has everything? Friends like to give candles but how about a special, wickless candle?  While the Holiday Season is around the corner, there are other special events that sprout up in your life year round like Birthday’s, Weddings, Baby and Bridal Showers, Graduations, etc.

We’ve come up with our Top 10 ideas for great Warmer gifts to give for every event coming up this year! We thought of pairing each warmer with a scent to go with it but really, each person’s scent palate is totally unique so pair the warmer with the scent you think will wow them. You can also check out our past posts which give our opinions on various scents! We hope this list helps you.  Please click on the Name of each warmer to view it:

  1. Cupcake:  It’s our New Warmer being introduced for July 2011.  It’s Scentsy’s first 3-Piece warmer.  The base is a light green and ridged like a cupcake, the dish (where you put the wax) is a solid brown (obviously a chocolate cupcake here) and the Pink Frosting with a sprinking of white powdered sugar, sits on top of the dish.  The frosting top has holes poked in the top for the Scent to escape the warmer if you warm scents with the frosting on it.  This warmer is perfect for a little girl, your BFF, anyone who loves to bake, anyone who loves earth tones…(take the pink frosting off and you’ve got a pretty little green and brown warmer).
  2. DIY Warmers:  There are 3 different DIY (Design it yourself) warmers – Square Black, Brown and White.  All are very classy and beautiful on their own but, when you buy a DIY Theme Pack for $10 you can create a personalized warmer.  These are especially great gifts to give for Newlyweds (try the Wedded Bliss pack in Gold or Silver) and create a unique gift.  Have a motorcycle tough guy in your life who loves candles?  Create a special Skull and Cross Bones warmer!  Check out all of the great themes available right now!
  3. Over the Moon:  This mid-size candle warmer is part of our Scentsy Nursery Collection.  This is one of 3 warmers geared for children’s rooms.  Not only is this warmer adorable and based on the classic “Cow jumped over the Moon” Children’s rhyme, it glows and can be used as a night light.  This is a great give to give a younger child for their bedroom; a wonderful gift to give a Mom-to-be at her baby shower; great for a grandparent to put in their grand-kids guest bedroom when they kid the little ones over for sleepovers!  Check out all 3.
  4. Tea Rose Nightlight:  This is one of our newest Nightlight Warmers and is, in our opinion, a safe bet for almost anyone!  It’s white and shaped like a rose bud.  When it’s turned on, it creates a warmer glow in whatever room you put it in.  A nightlight works great in a bathroom or kitchen.  I don’t recommend them for any outlets near the ground or in a hallway as you wouldn’t want to accidentally bump into them and spill wax.  Also, I leave our nightlights on 24/7 – with or without wax in them.  These are great gifts to give a kid heading off to live in a college dorm – they are small, limited space and…can get stinky – especially a guy’s dorm room!  I’ve had a lot of Senior Citizens living in retirement communities love them because they don’t take up space, there are no cords to trip over, they’re super safe and…they aren’t allowed to use wicked candles in their units!  Again, I’d give this nightlight warmer to anyone!
  5. Boleyn:  This embossed warmer has an exotic feel to it.  I’ve had people tell me it looks Asian inspired, some have said Indonesian and others have just said that it looks classy and beautiful.  This is the warmer you give to someone who has more Modern decor – lots of black and white and sharp lines.  This looks like a very expensive, high end warmer!  Give it to that person who loves couture!
  6. Play Ball:  Okay, this one may sound silly to you but, this is a beautiful warmer that looks like a Baseball. It has a high gloss, almost iridescent glaze and is the nicest, in our opinion, of all 4 Sports Collection Warmers.  This would go great in a Mancave; your hubby’s office; that baseball fanatic friend of yours who has season tickets.  Our 9yr old son Sam has the Play Ball warmer in his room during baseball season and he LOVES it!  So, give it to kids too!  It’s also a cool gift idea to give your kids baseball coach at the end of the season from the kids!  We even had a Bubblegum Candle bar scent that went great with this but it’s discontinued now.
  7. Faith: This is one of Scentsy’s best selling warmers of all time!  I think there’s several reasons for this.  It’s very attractive looking and isn’t too razzle dazzle.  The warmer has a cross on it which I’ve heard from many religious customers…they had to have it.  Others love the Mediterranean feel and old world style.  This is a great gift idea for someone very traditional or someone who is faith driven.  You really can’t go wrong with this warmer!
  8. College Campus Collection Warmers:  Okay, I know I glopped all of these warmers together but really, we have over 50 campus warmers to choose from and I couldn’t pick just one.  Do you know someone going off to college?  How about someone who just made the team at their University or works at one?  Have a spouse who has Alumni spirit?  Did someone you know just Graduate?  Get the college fans a warmer from the college near and dear to their hearts!
  9. Roma:  This is one of the warmers we receive a lot of requests for.  Not only can you purchase the Full Size Warmer but Scentsy now offers it in the Nightlight size as well due to it’s popularity.  We love the flowy lines and pattern on these warmers.  They are part of our Renaissance collection (3 in all) but the Roma is the only one with a nightlight counterpart.  Both men and women would like this warmer and it’s classy design would fit beautifully in most any design aesthetic – even country!
  10. Margot:  I’m a fan of anything black!  Margot is just beautiful.  It’s black with a metallic glaze, has white pearls (that glow when turned on) and has additional holes for light to escape.  This warmer is a very romantic gift to give as it has a sexy vibe to it.  Give it to someone you are romantical (yes, I meant for the ‘l’ to be there) with and you just might get a little extra love in return!

Let us know what you think of these warmers!  If you give one of these warmers as a present to someone, come back and leave a comment telling us what they thought of the warmer!

You can purchase your Scentsy Warmers from us at www.TheSafestCandles.com online, anytime!  **Call or email us for special deals!

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