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Our Top 10 Scents

We’re sure that everyone has their own opinions and preferences for scenting their homes, cars, offices, etc. for different times of year. Many of our customers like vanilla based scents all year long…even in 100 degree weather. Others only like flowery or spa scents and can’t stand vanilla scents. We like to mix it up all the time. I like many different types of scents and, depending on the weather and my mood, I pick a scent to match while Shawn prefers the bakery (anything that smells like a cake) and cologne like scents found in the Scentsy Man collection.

We’ve compiled our personal Top 10 picks for Summer:

  1. Coconut Lemongrass – This is the perfect scent to use on a day when the windows are open and there is a slight breeze coming in.  The house smells fresh, clean and slightly exotic thanks to the coconut.  People always think I just cleaned when I warm this scent.
  2. Sugar Cookie – This is still one of our Top 3 scents of all time!  Really, can you imagine anything better than walking into the house smelling a cake or cookies baking?  It always smells so good and this scent is pretty long lasting too!
  3. Satin Sheets – This is our favorite scent for our bedroom.  It smells like fresh and clean linen with a vanilla and sandalwood tones which gives our room a romantic ‘feel’.  That’s the best way to describe it!
  4. Embers – This is a really woodsy scent from the Scentsy Man collection that has an incense type of vibe.  Shawn loves incense and generally I can’t stand it but…I love this scent!  The house smells warm and fresh.  When people come over they always say the house smells great but can’t pinpoint what it smells like.  This was originally a Scent of the Month for December 2010 and we were so happy when it was included in the Spring/Summer 2011 Catalog!
  5. Lilacs & Violets – Neither of us generally like floral scents but…this scent, makes our house smell like Spring.  It’s light and pretty but also lasts a long time.
  6. Amber – While our daughter can’t stand this scent (everyone’s got an opinion) I love it!  This was the Scent of the Month for May.  It smells really woodsy and clean.  Lots of Cedar, Birch and smoky scents but it also smells clean and fresh somehow.
  7. Blueberry Cheesecake – Again, food scents make us both happy!  Everytime I have this scent going my girlfriend Kami always says ‘yum, it smells like blueberry muffins in here!’  This is again, one of my Top 3 favorites of all time!  This scent was discontinued one season and I’ve never received so much feedback from customers desperate to have it back!
  8. Flutter – This was also a Scent of the month for April this year and it smells so good.  The main scent notes are Orange blossoms, Almond and Lemon Verbena.  It smells kind of fruity and sweet without being overwhelmingly so.  The whole family loves it!
  9. French Kiss – This is such a romantic scent.  It says that it has some Coconut in it but I don’t smell that…It just smells Romantic if that makes any sense.
  10. Enchanted Mist – One of Shawn’s Top 3.  He loves that it smells sweet, light and pretty.  I think it’s the Jasmine and apples together that make it work.  It’s a super light scent!

Let us know what your favorite Scents are!  We love hearing from you.  Some of these Scented Candles smell great in our Warmers as well as in or Fragrances to Go like our Room Spray, Scent Pak, Scent Circle and Travel Tin forms.  Check out all these great scents by following their links above and feel free to call or email us with questions.

Is your favorite scent currently discontinued?  We have our Bring Back My Bar promotion starting in July.  We are bringing back 20 voted on scents that have been previously discontinued.  You only have the month of July to purchase these scents before they are gone.


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