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Sneak Peak at the New Scentsy Fall Winter Catalog 2016

Here it is the New Scentsy Fall and Winter catalog for 2016. All products available Sept 1st 2016. Request a new Catalog Below [caption id="attachment_10598" align="aligncenter" width="193"] Click to View Online[/caption] Let us send you a new Fall Winter 2016 Catalog [contact-form-7 id="10601" title="Fall Winter Catalog Request"]
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Warmer of the Month July 2016 – Ice Cream Cone

Monthly Specials
Whats better on a warm summer day than and Ice Cream Cone Candle Warmer by Scentsy. A fun, retro accent sweet reminder of sunny days. An ice cream cone with sprinkles on top . Kids will love this Scentsy Warmer of the Month, too! [caption id="attachment_10465" align="aligncenter" width="1287"] Warmer of the Month July 2016[/caption] Ice Cream Cone Available July 2016 Scent of the Month - STRAWBERRY SWIRL Blissfully sweet and creamy, Strawberry Swirl whips together frozen strawberry, frothy milk and vanilla.
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Enter the Indigo Giveaway

Contest and Giveaways
One hundred winners will receive a vintage-style Parlor Warmer and all six beautifully packaged Indigo fragrance Scentsy Bars. This Contest is now closed Six fragrances. Many moods. One inspiring color. Indigo Cotton - Chambray on a clothesline: Breezy, clean, serene. Indigo Spirit - Violet petals on whipped meringue: Rich, creamy, indulgent. Indigo Petals - A crown of flowers: Fresh, vibrant, playful. Midnight Indigo - An expansive starry sky: Sultry, intoxicating, mysterious. Indigo Ice - A wintry landscape: Chilled, woodsy, invigorating. Indigo Berries - Sun-ripened, sugared berries: Sweet, tart, bright.
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Shu Shu the Panda Scentsy Buddy

Scented Stuffed Animals
Here's a riddle for you? What is black and white and the cutest snugly buddy ever? Shu Shu the Panda! This is our newest Limited Edition Scentsy Buddy. Direct from the bamboo forest. Shu Shu cant wit cuddle with you! Help Protect this cuddly Panda Buddy. When Shu Shu sells out, a brand spankin' new Scentsy Buddy will replace him. Or is it a her?. Shu Shu the Panda is $25 and comes with a Scent Pak of your choice. [caption id="attachment_9952" align="aligncenter" width="801"] Shu Shu Panda Scentsy Buddy[/caption] All Scentsy Buddies feature a zippered pouch to hold your favorite Scent Pak fragrance. Shu Shu the Scentsy Panda Buddy  is $30 and comes with a Scent Pak of your choice.
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