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Scentsy Hugs and Kisses Warmer is our winner for Warmer of the Day!

Scentsy Hugs and Kisses Warmer
Scentsy Hugs and Kisses Warmer

This Scentsy Candle Warmer will make the most wonderful and unique gift for your Sweetie this Valentine’s Day! Flowers die after just a few days. Candy is sweet but it can definitely ruin a New Year’s resolution of losing weight so, don’t send your sweetheart off track.  Let’s face it – candy and flowers just aren’t that creative of a gift.

With our Hugs & Kisses Warmer, your gift of love and appreciation for that special someone will show forever.  You can pair this warmer with one of our Scented Candle bars that will express how you feel.  If this is a romantic gift perhaps Satin Sheets or one of our Romance Collection bars like Lucky in Love or Simply Irresistible would be a good pick.  You could even try something that smells like food if you are forgoing candy for your loved one.  Try something from our Bakery Collection like Berry Tart, Sugar Cookie or Toasted Caramel Sugar.

You can pick from one of over 80 Scented Candle Bars that we have available!

Contact us today to ask us which scent would be best for your special someone.  We can describe the scents to you if you are unsure of which one to pick.  If you haven’t smelled all of our scents yet, we can send you a Free Sample to try!  Please visit us on our Contact page to request your Free Sample.  Tell us what kind of scent you’re looking for and we’ll send it to you along with a catalog!

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  • Allyssa James

    This is an adorable Scentsy Candle Warmer, I love the thought of having this on when my husband comes home from work; he’ll think he came home to Snickerdoodles baking!

  • Darby Sawtelle

    I will definitely be leaving this window up “accidentally” for my husband to see! He always makes me TELL him what to get for Valentines Day and ruins the surprise!

  • Syah Hernandez

    This is very cute! Pretty, but not cheesy. I am skipping candy gifts this year, so I am thinking the toasted caramel sugar would be good. 🙂

  • Jennifer Pendleton

    Very Cute! I love the heart shaped tray on top! Cinnamon Bear would be great in this one. It reminds me of those little candy red hots!

  • Shellie Hoyt

    What a sweet idea, to give a scent instead of candy! I don’t know which is more tempting, Sugar Cookie or Toasted Caramel Sugar. Hmmmm…

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