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Scentsy Custom Gifts that you can personalize are a NEW product coming out August 1st from Scentsy Fragrance.  This is a program that is perfect for providing a personal touch and lasting impact to give as gifts for customers, employees, family members, Fundraisers or for people who make a difference in the lives of others.

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Scentsy Custom Gifts are unique to you and can be personalized for your Business, Fundraiser or Family Event.
Scentsy Custom Gifts are unique to you and can be personalized for your Business, Fundraiser or Family Event.

Scentsy Custom Gifts offers a sleek Scentsy warmer with a custom image produced on an Interchangeable magnetic glass plate that attaches directly to the warmer. Scentsy Custom Gifts bundles come with one warmer, one frame, one Scentsy Bar, and a bag and bow to package the gift for gifting.  Some examples of how we can help you are:

Businesses Gifts:

Why bother with the same boring business gifts when you can give your customers, employees, or associates something they’ll actually love to use and display?  We have an easy way to create a gift package tailored to your company’s needs.

  • Show appreciation to customers and employees for their contribution.
  • Celebrate company milestones and anniversaries.
  • Give your Customers and Employees a Unique Holiday Gift.

IDEAS:  for Car Dealerships, Real Estate and Mortgage Companies, Housekeeping Companies, Animal Shelters, Large and Small Corporations, Family Businesses – basically any business works!

Family Events:

Give your family and friends the gift of memories.  Introducing Scentsy Custom Gifts, an easy way to create one-of-a-kind, tailored presents that showcase a meaningful saying, family photo, or date.

  • Commemorate special events like family reunions and weddings.
  • Give one-of-a-kind Christmas gifts.

IDEAS:  Wedding Party Gifts, Family Reunion, Personalized Holiday Gifts for your Entire Family, In Memory of, Baby Showers, Graduations, Cast Party Gifts and more.


Why bother with the traditional fundraising items when you can offer something people will love to buy, use and display?  Create a fundraiser tailored to your organization’s needs. Add a school mascot, a charity’s symbol or your group’s logo, and you’ll have the perfect way to raise money and build relationships.

  • Raise money for schools, churches, sports teams, or any organization.
  • Collect funds and raise awareness for local charities or important causes.

IDEAS:  Cheer Squad, Dance Team, Football or Youth Sports Team, Band / Orchestra Trips, Senior Trips, Autism, your favorite Animal Shelter, Churches / Youth Groups, Mission Trips, Booster Clubs, Daycares, Community Centers, Cancer Foundations and so much more!

Whats included with the Scentsy Custom Gift Package

Scentsy Custom Gifts Package
Scentsy Custom Gifts Package and how our Program works.

Sleek Custom Gifts Warmer:
The modern lines and glossy finish combine for a display worthy warmer that’s perfect for offices or at home. Available in Sleek White or Sleek Black.

Custom Gifts Frame:
A magnetic frame you can customize with your own design. Don’t have artwork? not a problem. You can choose one of three (3) beautifully crafted art frames. Each frame features a Vincent van Gogh painting that will add color to any room or office.

Scentsy Candle Bar:
A remarkable medley of wax and finely crafted fragrances. Choose one from three exclusive fragrances:  Enjoy!, Thank You, or Happy Holidays.

Plus: Clear plastic bag and bow for gift wrapping.

How do I order Scentsy Custom Gifts?

You can place your order online at anytime after August 1, 2013 and Click on “Scentsy Custom Gifts.”

Our simple system makes it easy to order! You’ll receive your customized warmers within 30 days of approving final art. Small order? Our minimum is only 24.  

Big order? We can handle that, too. Increases to your order are available in multiples of 12.  For BULK ORDERS, There is a $5 USD / $6 CAD discount on each warmer when ordering 600+ units; $45 USD / $54 CAD.

Please feel free to CALL us at 877-655-5496 or email at if you have any questions.

Scentsy Custom Gifts FAQ

  • What type of file does my custom image need to be? An Adobe Illustrator® .ai file. An .ai file is a scalable, digital format created in Adobe Illustrator® software. It can be enlarged or reduced without losing quality or impacting design.
  • Don’t have your art or logo in an .ai format?  Several online resources can convert popular file formats to .ai files.  A graphic designer can convert your existing file to an .ai file.
  • What are Pantone colors?  Pantone is a popular color matching system used by the printing industry to print colors accurately on any equipment. Each color has a unique number.
  • Can i buy just custom frames?  No. To simplify ordering, Scentsy Custom Gifts are only available in bundles that include warmers, frames, bars, bags, and bows.
  • Why can i only increase quantities in increments of 12?  Order quantities start with a minimum of 24 and may be increased in multiples of 12 to speed production and delivery of Scentsy Custom Gifts.
  • Can I purchase Scentsy Custom Gifts and Re-Sell them?  No, Nope and Nada!  Only Scentsy Consultants can sell our Products.  Our Custom Gifts are meant to be ‘given’ or to purchase for a Fundraising purpose for your group only.  If you are interested in selling, you can Join our Scentsy Family as an Independent Consultant.
  • What is Scentsy Fragrance?  Scentsy Fragrance is a rapidly growing, international party-plan company, offering a variety of home and personal fragrance products. The simplicity and value of its scented, wickless candles, heated in decorative ceramic warmers, provides a better alternative to burning wicked candles.

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