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I Love this Scent!

Scentsy’s done good. The Month of February has brought us a wonderful new Scent – Pixie. I know this may sound weird but it kind of smells like what a Pixie or Fairy should smell like – if you were to find one and get the chance to smell it! Pixie is a Mischievous moonscape of Pink Pepper, Mandarin, and Heliotrope deepened by exotic teakwood and vanilla oak. BUY PIXIE HERE for a discount of 10% off – this month only! It comes in a Candle Bar, Brick, Room Spray and Scent Circle. Get yours today!

Check out this adorable video for Pixie…

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  • christine

    This is my favourite video. I’ve watched it about 1k times…best Scent of the Month video yet.

    Hello from a fellow Scentsy sister. x

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