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Who is Stacy?

Stacy and her girls
Stacy and her girls

Stacy is a friend of a friend and is the single mother of 2 beautiful, young girls. Two (2) Years ago, Stacy was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She underwent surgery to remove the tumor and had a Double Mastectomy. After the surgery, the Doctors thought that they’d removed all the cancer. They were wrong.

Last November, 7 more tumors were found and the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes. In December, her Doctors were finally successful in removing all of her cancer however, she has had to undergo chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

The financial strain has been devastating to Stacy and her family.

Sheri want’s to help her friend Stacy

Sheri and Stacy have been friends for 30yrs. Sheri contacted us about having a Scentsy Fundraiser to help Stacy out financially. We are giving away 100% of all proceeds from sales of Scentsy purchased from this Party link on our website: Stacy’s Breast Cancer Fundraiser.

We are having a Fundraiser Party at Sheri’s Home on February 27th.  Please, if you are reading this post and are planning on purchasing some Scentsy, please do so through the above link during February.  It won’t cost you anything extra to do so and…you’ll be helping this great cause.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have about helping Stacy and her family through this difficult time!

Scentsy Helps fight Breast Cancer

September 1, 2010 Scentsy introduced it’s ‘Love, Life, Hope Warmer‘ in our Spring/Summer line as our newest Scentsy Foundation Charitable Cause Warmer. Since coming out, we’ve raised almost $500k for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. You only have until the end of February to purchase one for yourself or a loved one.

Scentsy Foundation Charitable Cause Warmer
Scentsy Foundation Charitable Cause Warmer

Shawn & Wendy Robinson
Scentsy Independent Directors

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