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Bring Back my Bar Winners

Bring Back My Bar
Winners of Scentsy's Bring Back my Bar Contest

The Bring Back My Bar winning scents are now finalized! Out of more than 400,000 votes, here are the winning 20 fragrances, including two personally chosen by Orville and Heidi:

Always Baked Brown Sugar–Heidi’s pick!

Berries and Bubbly


Carrot Cake

Cherry Clove Chutney

Clary Sage

Falling Leaves

Flower Shop

Fresh Cut Grass

Grape Vine

Huckleberry Heaven

Lavender Vanilla


Raisin Spice Tea–Orville’s pick!

Redwood & Cedar

Sandalwood and Cranberries

Toasted Apple Butter

Vanilla Oak

Wasabi Ginger

Bring Back My Bar fragrances will be available as Scentsy Bars (not other fragrance products) for the month of January only at the regular price: $5 (USD) / $6 (CAD). A flyer will be available for Scentsy Consultants in the Workstation beginning December 1.

The Scents that WE know on this list:

Wasabi Ginger – It smells like your house was just cleaned with Pine Sol! Fool everyone into thinking you’ve just scrubbed everything clean!

Fresh Cut Grass – This really does smell like you’ve just mowed your lawn. Guys will love it!

Bubblegum – Smells like Bazooka Gum! Kids love it and so do I.

Falling Leaves – Shawn likes this one because it has Patchouli scent in it but I don’t care for it much. Try it for yourself!

Sandlewood & Cranberries – This was always one of our best sellers and many customers were quite upset when this scent was no longer available!

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  • Mischa

    Being a Scentsy lover for less than a year I was excited to hear of the Bring Back My Bar situation. Annnnd, I was able to score 4 scents on the list! After burning some in the past few months my favorites are: Toasted Apple Butter and Cherry Clove Chutney! I wish I had bought more of both – yum! I’ve yet to burn my Carrot Cake and Always Baked Brown Sugar; we’ll see if they knock one of the others out of my top spot…

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