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Who knew that Guam, out of all the locations we have Scentsy Consultants in, would be our fastest growing and most enthusiastic team.  We found our first Guam Scentsy Consultant in December 2009.  Her name is Joyleen Suba and she found us online.  She’d found a Scentsy Catalog and had tried contacting that consultant but never received a call back.  She tried searching for a Guam Consultant to sign up under but for some reason never connected with anyone.  She took her search to the Internet and found us.  We come up very high in the search engines from all of our blogging and backlinking efforts.

As a consultant it’s important to have personalized information about yourself.  Things like your Personal Scentsy Story and why you joined Scentsy, what your area of expertise is (if you have one), how you like to work with your team (if you have one), etc.  Joyleen had read our ‘story’ and thought that we’d be a good fit.  She didn’t call or email us but rather just signed up.  Not 20 minutes later I had checked out our Scentsy Workstation and saw that we had a new Team member – in GUAM!  We were so excited.  I immediately contacted her to introduce ourselves.

Joyleen has personally recruited 5 consultants in person, so far, in less than 60 days with Scentsy.  Additionally, she has recruited the very first Scentsy Consultant in Saipan!  Her first Team Member, Jennifer Rodriguez, already has a team of 2 in her downline. When we speak with our team members in Guam they inspire us and get us excited just from their own excitement.  They are selling Scentsy like crazy in Guam and keep telling us that they aren’t really having to ‘sell’ it at all…people are asking for Scentsy!

We have a team of 105 consultants in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam and Saipan and most of them have come from our internet marketing efforts as we live in the Seattle, Washington area.  Not everyone is technically savvy and really, we’re self taught and probably could grow faster and larger if we had even more technical knowledge.  Really though, our team has grown so fast in the year we’ve been with Scentsy, we would have done a disservice to our consultants as we wouldn’t have had the time or ability to give them the time and energy that each of of them deserve.

On the other hand, we have some team members who’ve been able to grow their teams by recruiting from parties, word of mouth, customers who love Scentsy so much they want to join, etc.  You don’t have to have a web presence at all to grow a large team.  Since we aren’t as interested in the party or fair circuit we knew we had to go the web route to grow our business.

There’s only one wrong way to work your Scentsy Candle Business – Don’t Start!



  • Callie Skipper

    I am in search of a consultant in Saipan. I am a consultant in Guam and recently got an email from someone in Saipan looking to host a party.

    • Hi Jessica,

      I’m really sorry but we don’t give out technical advice to anyone outside our team anylonger as (I hope you understand) it would undermine their efforts if we did so. Here’s what I can tell you. If you don’t know what you’re doing then you either need to hire someone who does or…teach yourself. Go to the library, google every term you find, etc. Truly, only 6% of all Scentsy business comes from online orders. 90% of all Scentsy Sales are from Parties! If you don’t know how to use the internet then recruit those that do. There are members of our upline with Thousands of consultants in their downlines and they don’t do anything online and never have. I wish I could be of more help but, since Scentsy’s grown we had to stop giving other consultants online advice. We do wish you luck with your business! Wendy

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