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Scentsy vs Wicked Candles

If you don’t already know, Scentsy offers Wickfree Scented Candles and Electric Warmers and are sold through Independent Scentsy Consultants via Home, Basket parties and Online orders.

The official Wikipedia description of a “Candle” is: A candle is a solid block of fuel (commonly wax) and an embedded wick, which is lit to provide light, and sometimes heat. While this is the most commonly known description for a ‘candle’, there are many others on the market right now who’ve created a safer, flameless version.

The most well known Candles are Yankee Candles, PartyLite, Gold Canyon, Glade and Bath & Body Works. Before Scentsy, I purchased candles from all of these…in addition to others. I still have some wall sconces from PartyLite along with some tea lights & 1 jar of a mostly used Yankee Candle. I don’t use wicked candles any longer but do keep a small supply handy in case of a power outage. Truly, that is the only thing that wicked candles are useful for in my opinion.

Yes, wicked candles can be put most anywhere, come in scented and un-scented varieties, create an ambiance or sets a mood with the flickering of the flame and, they don’t require electricity to work. I don’t deny that we were candle fanatics. We loved giving gifts of candles to our friends and every time I saw a candle, even at Walgreens, that was pretty or smelled good – I’d buy it. I know that I’ve personally spent thousands of dollars on them over the years.

I love the way Wicked Candles look and smell. Here’s the rub: They only smell up your home when they are lit!

There are other types of wickless candles:  I’ve had tart burners – similar to Scentsy but the wax is heated and it evaporates.  Potpourri – it gets dusty and only smells if you stick your nose up to it.  We even had one of those little electric crock pots where you put in vanilla extract.  There’s always the ever popular scent infused reeds.  We’ve tried these a few times as we received them as gifts and they really don’t do anything but look nice.

Did you know?

Get this:  Until I started using Scentsy it never occurred to me to think – where does the candle wax go? I mean, you light a candle, the wax melts and the scent escapes too.  The wick is being burnt too.  Where does it all go?  What are we breathing in?  My husband has allergies along with asthma.  This couldn’t be good for any of us right?  Have you ever thought of this?

With Scentsy, the wax never evaporates.  The warmers do just that – they ‘warm’ the wax allowing the scent to evaporate but the waxy stays in the top of the warmer.  When the wax no longer has any scent you can either pour it into the garbage or, when it cools, you can pop it out and toss it.  If you want to change scents, you can even pour your still scented wax back into their containers to re-mold and pop in a different cube of wax – we do this all the time which gives us a lot of flexibility with our scent moods!

Some people loves candles that offer aromatherapy.  Scents can put you in a mood be it happy, sad, thoughtful, romantic, etc.  Some scents like peppermint have been known to help sharpen the brain while lavender is relaxing and soothing.

Why Scentsy?

Scentsy is the main reason we stopped using wicked candles. Not only are they more fragrant and safer than all the other candles I’ve ever used (yes, I mean ever) but, they smell up my home 24/7. The other reason we stopped using wicked candles is because of the fire hazard. I don’t know how many walls I’ve blackened with wall sconces over the years. How many times did I leave my house and then had to head back because I forgot to blow out the candle? I’ve ruined a carpet before due to burning a triple wicked candled too long. The candle didn’t come with any instructions telling me that I could only burn it for 2hrs or else it would burn unevenly causing one side to fall and creating a stream of wax down the pillar candle, onto a coffee table and onto the carpet… red wax is very hard to remove! Also, my kids were facinated by the flickering flame. I’d put a candle in the bathroom and inevitably I’d find that the candle was blown out and had the scent of sulfer (from the wick) and…little drippings of wax on the counter where they played with it. I fell asleep with candles on – so not safe!

Also, I’ve saved a ton of money using Scentsy.  The Scented Candle bars are really cheap and they last longer than my closest favorite candles – Yankee. I can tell you that I cannot even count the number of $20 jars I’ve bought and received over the years…that’s expensive!  Especially for something that doesn’t last a full month and that only scented up the room it was in – not the entire house.

What I dislike about Yankee Candles is how everytime the wax get’s melted down to the bottom 1/4 of the glass jar the wick gets lost.  I have to dig it out with a knife and scrape around it.  Then, I can never find our long lighters and I burn my fingers holding the jar sideways or even upside down, trying to light the wick with a match or small lighter.  Then, I always get that black soot all over my hand and wrist.  Then, when I can’t light the jar any longer I couldn’t use the jar for anything else…I threw it away.  How wasteful is that.

When we started using Scentsy 2yrs ago our kids were 7 & 11.  Our now, 13yr old daughter has the Zebra Scentsy Warmer in her room and has had it on 24/7.  Our son, who’s now 9, switches out Sports warmers every 6 months.  Right now, he has the World Cup Warmer (looks like a soccer ball) on.  Both are one 24/7 as night lights.  When they clean their rooms they can pick out a scent to put in their warmers.  I’ve never once had them play with the wax!

We have nightlight warmers in 2 of our bathrooms and they are also on 24/7 as nightlights and used to scent the small room up!  I only put shaving from our candle bars in them since the rooms since a full cube is too much for such a small space.

I change out the warmer in our Living Room based upon the time of year.  For the Holidays I had our Gingerbread warmer near our Christmas tree and I also put up the New Menorah warmer with our other traditional jewish items – we celebrate both!  Right now I have the Zenzy, a discontined warmer, up.  In March I’m going to put our special commemorative “Frog in a Well” warmer up.  It was designed by Scentsy’s CEO – Orville Thompson and the entire warmer glows green at night!  So cool for St. Patrick’s day!

You may not agree with me and may still love your wicked candles but I ask you to try a Scentsy Warmer and Candle and then get back to me and comment below.  I’d really love to hear what you think!

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  • April Nantz

    I am a total Scentsy convert. I never imagined that I’d be one to switch over to melts but after realizing it’s much safer, I decided to give it a try. I won a bar in a giveaway and the rest is history. You are so right about it smelling much better for much longer. I don’t even have to have the warmer on to get compliments!

  • Sara Cheney-Slocum

    I just had to laugh to myself RE: your Yankee Candle comment!! I’ve burned fingers (and fingernails)tipping jars just trying to make that $20 candle last another few days. And I totally agree with the wastefulness of those glass candles – all that trash I’ve created just trying to make a room smell nice for a while. I love the fact that Scentsy uses recyclable materials, truely a wonderful product. Never will I switch back.

  • Cheryl Midkiff

    I never thought about candles and the wax evaporating! Thank you for pointing that out. We’ve switched to Scentsy because we have young children and dogs and didn’t want to take the chance of a knocked over candle or burnt finger (or worse!). I am a scentsy convert and love the product (and now, the health benefits!). Thank you!

  • Kimberlee Patton

    What an informative article. I hadn’t ever thought about where the wax goes from candles with wicks before. Converting to Scentsy sounds like a great idea for my family, my daughter to has asthma. I agree about the yankee candles too in those tall jars. I didn’t realize that Scentsy could be used 24/7 either. I soo need to get me some Scentsy!! I am glad I came acrosss this website!!

  • Julie Stratton

    I have all of my ‘old’ wicked candles ready to go to good-will. They give me headaches when I burn them, and I’m so afraid of one getting turned over and forgetting to blow it out when I leave… and I am so glad I have discovered Scentsy. I won a silent auction w/ a Scentsy nightlight and bar I have been converted. 🙂 I have since bought a mid-size warmer and 3 more bars. And I Want More!!! 🙂

  • Jennifer Pendleton

    The best part of my day is when I come home and turn on my Scentsy! It is the beginning of my entire “relax from the day process”. I used to come home light a candle…wake up in the middle of the night freaking out because I forgot to blow it out! (NOT ANY MORE)Its great the my relaxation process doesn’t end with a panic attack any more. 🙂 Thank you Scentsy!

  • Syah H.

    I had never thought about where the wax wentwith wicked candles! That is crazy! And my Hubby & I were both obsessed w/ candles….had them everywhere & lit them all the time,letting them burn for hours. I hate to even think how much money we spent! I love that w/ Scentsy I don’t have to worry about my Persian cats tail getting singed because he was waving it around near a lit candle! That never happened, but it was close. (shakes head) Anyways, my point is that we are complete converts too. 🙂

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