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USA, Canada, Ireland, Germany and the UK Catalog are hear to check out!

Scentsy Catalog
Scentsy Catalog

One of the great things about being internet geeks is that we can see what visitors to our webpages are looking and searching for in the search engines. One of the biggies right now are Fall/Winter 2012 Catalog – in all countries where Scentsy is sold.

So, if you want to take a look at what is in each Country’s Catalog (including our Spanish and Deutsch versions) check out the the PDF versions below to get a sneak peek at what’s available as of September 1st 2012.

Scentsy Catalog by Country and Language:

US Fall/Winter 2012 Catalog – English  /  Spanish or Español

Canada Fall/Winter 2012 Catalogue  – English  /  French (coming soon!)

United Kingdom (UK) Autumn/Winter 2012 Catalogue – English

Ireland Autumn/Winter 2012 Catalogue – English

German Herbst/Winter 2012 Deutschland Catalog – Deutsch  /  English (coming soon)

Scentsy Products we can’t wait to order

Our entire family has fallen in love with a NEW! Mid-Size Warmer – Tilia – it’s a porcelain beauty with a bare tree. We will be getting this one for sure!

Our 14yr old Daughter, Alex, fell in love with Baby Grand.  It’s black with white piano keys that glow when turned on.  She want’s to trade out her Zebra warmer for this one and, since she plays the piano and loves to sing…this is the perfect gift for her.

Our 10yr old son, Sam, took one look at Whoot – our new Warmer that looks like an owl and glows – and his eyes got all big and he said he just had to have it!

We have our Layers line of products now included in this Season’s catalog (which is called “Personal Care” in our European Catalogues) which has come out with a ton of new scents to use as well as 2 New Products – Bath Tablets & Hand Soap.  We already received these two products at our Scentsy Convention in Vegas and are using them currently – they are WONDERFUL!

There’s a New Scentsy Buddy – Barnabus the Bear – as well as our returning Buddy of the month – Wellington the Duck.  Check out this video of our Scented Stuffed Animal Buddies  because we also have Baby buddy’s now!

We love the New Wraps that come in different styles and materials.  Let us know what you think of them and all the other products available this Fall!

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