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Several months ago we received a lead to host a Scentsy Party in Maryland.  At the time, we didn’t have any Scentsy Consultants in our  downline near Maryland.  So, I got on the internet and ran a search for “Scentsy Maryland” and came across Karina Polen-Davis’s  Scentsy Website.  I contacted her and gave her the lead wanting nothing in return but great service for this referral.  Here is what she just wrote on my Facebook Wall….

Do you remember when you first looked me up to give me that lead in PA? Well that one event turned out to be great! I participated in other events in that area and to this day have a few loyal hostesses and clients there. I was able to recruit someone who now has about 8 people in her team and she made Star a few months ago.The lady from the Fire Co. invited me to participate at the same event again this year. Thank you again for everything! Much success to you and your team!

Thank s Karina!  We strongly believe that we should follow Orville & Heidi Thompson’s (Scentsy Founders) philosophy of “give more than you receive.”  We really take this to heart and for that, we believe that we are not only helping to build a strong name and reputation for ourselves but also for Scentsy as a whole.

Congratulations Karina and good luck with your Scentsy Business!

Shawn & Wendy Robinson
Scentsy Independent Directors

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